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Lucyd's New Spring Smart Lyte 2.0 Sunglass Collection is Here & ChatGPT Enabled

Miami's premiere fashion technology company, Innovative Eyewear, Inc., has combined Artificial Intelligence with sleek fashion to develop the first-ever ChatGPT voice-enabled smart sunglasses and prescription eyewear line with the launch of its Spring Smart Eyewear Collection: Lucyd Lyte 2.0. Finally, stylish, light-weight, innovative eyewear from the new Spring Lucyd Lyte 2.0 Sunglass line offers a hands-free, voice-enabled ChatGPT experience thanks to the launch of the brand’s new app, which debuted in the U.S. in iOs and Android app stores this week. Smart ChatGPT-enabled sunglasses and prescription glasses are the wave of the future and will make the daily human experience optimized. Sleek Lucyd Smart Audio Glasses combined with the new Lucyd app offer fashionistas the ultimate

Innovative Eyewear Inc., the developer and retailer of smart eyewear under the Lucyd® brand also develops and sell Nautica® and Eddie Bauer® eyewear brands and is swiftly taking over the global Smart eyewear market with innovative technology and beautiful design. Lucyd is hosting a private VIP fashion show and press conference in sunny Wynwood Miami with select top media, fashion influencers, technology entrepreneurs and investors on April 20, 2023 to provide a first-look at the brand's patent-pending Smart ChatGPT sunglass and prescription eyewear Spring Collection. The company believes its new ChatGPT-enabled eyewear software debut will disrupt and revolutionize the global smart eyewear market while improving the daily lives of people around the world with the world's leading Artificial Intelligence available in milli-seconds via voice command. The Lucyd Lyte® flagship smart eyewear line is reimagining and innovating the smart eyewear market with a new seamless voice integration of ChatGPT, powered by a patent-pending Lucyd app. Lucyd glasses not only empower consumers to listen to music, take and make calls, and use voice assistants to perform tasks, but they now can instantly help individuals tap into ChatGPT’s powerful AI, enabling them to ask ChatGPT just about anything and receive spoken answers. “From translating languages to looking up recipes and asking questions about pop culture, consumers can verbally ask questions to ChatGPT through microphones seamlessly built into Lucyd glasses and hear the responses through stereo speakers. The Lucyd app is device agnostic and works with most hearables, including AirPods ® 1. Additionally, the app may also be used via a streamlined visual interface on iOS/Android, providing the user with both seamless voice and textual interfaces for ChatGPT,” says Harrison Gross, CEO of Innovative Eyewear. The company believes its smart eyewear app, integrating ChatGPT, is a paradigm shift in the fashion eyewear market. “With our new Lucyd app, which is free during the open beta, we are continuing to make smart eyewear more accessible and functional. It’s our view that a great pair of smart glasses is defined by three key factors: beautiful design, innovative technology, and suitability for all-day wear. The Lyte 2.0 eyewear collection successfully offers these attributes and now provides a fourth factor–access to one of the world’s most popular AI bots. By connecting to ChatGPT via voice commands on Lucyd smart eyewear, users can now access a wealth of detailed information on just about any subject, making smart eyewear a wonderful mobile learning tool,” Gross said. Lucyd Lyte® 2.0 eyewear is available in 15 distinct, patent-pending styles, all of which are available with prescription or sunglass lenses, making it one of the most versatile lines of smart eyewear globally. “Lucyd smart eyewear makes it easy to use ChatGPT by combining the strength of a natural language AI bot with the natural ergonomic interface of speaking and listening on a hands-free wearable device,” Gross continued. With this latest debut, Lucyd® Smart Eyewear is fusing AI technology and style to disrupt the designer eyewear market by seamlessly integrating ChatGPT via voice commands through Siri or Google Voice. “Our Smart glasses go beyond listening to music or taking a phone call–Now consumers can go from stylish and smart to gifted, with audio ChatGPT spoken directly in their ears,” said Gross. Conversations with AI chatbots are now voice enabled with the Lucyd app and available on-the-go through the entire Lyte 2.0 line. “We believe Lucyd® 's Spring 2023 collection of men’s and women’s eyewear has the potential to make a serious dent in the fashion smart eyewear market. “Our latest generation of smart glasses combines sleek design with open-ear headphones, UV protection, prescription lenses and voice assistance into one innovative, lightweight eyewear product that is equally beautiful and functional,” Gross said. With quadrasonic speakers, open-ear audio, noise cancellation microphones, polarized UV 400 lenses and a 12-hour battery life seamlessly programmed to work with the world’s smartest Artificial Intelligence platform, Lucyd Lyte is smart eyewear like no other. "We believe Lucyd ChatGPT enabled eyewear is the next evolutionary step to upgrade everyone's vision around the world," Gross said.

Lucyd’s Spring 2023 ChatGPT Enabled Eyewear is available for sale globally online here with a variety of customizations. More on Innovative Eyewear, Inc.

Innovative Eyewear is a developer and retailer of cutting-edge smart eyewear, under the Lucyd ® , Nautica ® & Eddie Bauer ® brands. True to our mission to Upgrade Your Eyewear ®, our Bluetooth audio glasses allow users to stay safely and ergonomically connected to their digital lives, and are offered in hundreds of frame and lens combinations to meet the needs of the optical market. To learn more and explore our continuously evolving collection of smart eyewear, please visit The Apple iOs Lucyd App is available here.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Innovative Eyewear, Inc


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