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Miami Design District Unveils Three New Art Initiatives - Free & Open to the Public

As one of the heartbeat of Miami's cultural scene, the Miami Design District (MDD) has announced three new art initiatives that are free and open to the public including:

Below, you’ll find info and visual assets for: 

  • Nina Surel’s “Allegory of Florida, 2023” 

  • Jillian Mayer’s “Glass Model Home, 2024” 

  • Joyce Billet's "Into the Woods" Residency Showcase

Nina Surel's "Allegory of Florida" Mural

On Friday, March 8, artist Nina Surel will unveil her masterpiece, "Allegory of Florida," in MDD’s Jade Alley. The multi-part ceramic mural kiln-fired to 2,160°F for over 20 hours and crafted from sculpted porcelain, envisions Florida as a goddess of feminine fertility. The monumental wall relief is made of over 100 pieces of stoneware ceramic and features references to native flora and fauna, such as herons, beauty berries, and seeds, Surel's work serves as a metaphor for the esoteric aspects of our local geography. Exclusive interview opportunities with Nina Surel are available, providing insights into the inspiration behind this awe-inspiring creation.

Where: 176 NE 41st St., Miami, FL 33137

Jillian Mayer's "Glass Model Home, 2024" Installation at Stardust Pavilion

Miami-born artist Jillian Mayer invites visitors to immerse themselves in the ethereal world of her latest installation, "Glass Model Home, 2024." Located inside the Stardust Pavilion, an immersive art installation by Flare design studio, Mayer's freestanding glass and metal sculptures seemingly defy gravity, creating a mesmerizing visual experience as hues and shadows dance with the sunlight. Visitors can indulge in the unique opportunity to sit on abstract furniture while basking in the colored glow of Mayer's handmade, slumped, and distorted glass. An interview with Jillian Mayer can be arranged to delve into the artistic vision and inspiration behind this immersive exhibit.

Where:  95 NE 40th St, Miami, Florida

Joyce Billet's "Into the Woods" Residency Showcase at 56 NE 40 St

French-American artist Joyce Billet blurs the boundaries between the analog and digital worlds in her latest work, showcased at 56 NE 40 St. During her residency in the Design District, Billet opens her studio to visitors, providing an intimate glimpse into her creative process. A unique opportunity to witness the intersection of traditional and cutting-edge art, Billet's residency offers an engaging experience for art enthusiasts and tech aficionados alike. Exclusive interviews with Joyce Billet are available for those eager to explore the symbiosis of analog and digital art forms.

Where: 56 NE 40 St, Miami, FL 33137

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Miami Design District


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