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Discover Miami Design District’s Most Unique Luxury Retail Experiences

Miami Living Magazine is spotlighting a selection of luxury retailers in the Miami Design District (MDD), known for their unique and immersive shopping experiences. As MDD continues to be a hub of creativity and innovation, these stores are elevating the shopping experience beyond the ordinary.

From personalized services to exclusive collections and the seamless blend of shopping and dining, these brands are redefining luxury retail in one of the world's premier fashion destinations. Here are Miami Living's standout brands featured in our guide:

- Tiffany & Co.

- Louis Vuitton - Men’s & Women’s

- KITH & Sadelle's at KITH

- KITH Treats

- Golden Goose

- Baccarat Boutique - Bbar and Lounge

- Dior Cafe

- Diesel

- Burberry

- Ralph Lauren

- Dr. Barbara Sturm

- Gallery Dept.

- Chrome Hearts


With the opening of their brand new store in MDD, there is no better time to visit Tiffany & Co. Shoppers are welcome to infuse personal significance into select pieces. Whether adding a name, initials, a memorable date, or a bespoke motif, shoppers can transform cherished objects into meaningful keepsakes. From jewelry and watches to accessories, leather goods, textiles, crystal, and even iconic Tiffany Blue jewelry boxes, customization options abound to capture life's precious moments.


In MDD, you’ll find Louis Vuitton has both standalone men's and standalone women's stores, extending its luxury experience with exclusive customization services in each. For hard-sided Monogram or Damier Canvas luggage, customers can request a unique painting service available only in Louis Vuitton stores. Additionally, customers can enjoy hot stamping for small leather goods, luggage tags, and select soft-sided luggage bags, along with the option for engraving fragrance bottles. Tailor your Louis Vuitton pieces to reflect your individual style and elevate them into treasured personal statements.


Kith’s MDD store redefines the concept of a shopping destination by seamlessly integrating retail, dining, and indulgence. Amidst the curated selection of in-house and multi-brand offerings, the store integrates Miami's distinct aesthetic and Kith's signature style. The addition of Sadelle's at Kith, in collaboration with Major Food Group, elevates the experience creating a dynamic atmosphere, where shoppers can seamlessly transition from browsing to brunching, savoring one of New York's most renowned culinary delights. Together, these elements converge to offer an unparalleled retail experience, where shopping becomes an adventure for the senses.


Kith Treats in MDD marks a unique milestone as the brand's first standalone location in the US and first-ever sit-down dining setting. The store offers the complete range of Kith Treats' global inline collections and a full menu of Signature Specials and Build Your Own options. Enhancing the experience further is the location-exclusive Waffle Program, featuring flavors inspired by their best-known Signature Specials. A destination where fashion meets flavor, Kith Treats invites shoppers to explore and savor the intersection of style and taste with its unique and exclusive offerings.


At MDD’s Golden Goose store, shoppers are welcome to co-create everything, everywhere. This stands as Golden Goose’s motto, this is (y)our story. Shoppers live an exclusive co-creation adventure and make their favorite products even more their own with Golden Goose’s Sneakers Makers. A one out of one creation for a one out of one experience.



Baccarat B Bar & Lounge combines luxury retail with dining and relaxation. Amidst the House's collections, patrons can enjoy coffee, lunch, or signature cocktails in a vibrant, Art Deco-inspired setting reminiscent of Miami's spirit, color palette, and architecture. This integration of upscale shopping and dining creates an atmosphere where visitors can enjoy both the elegance of Baccarat's offerings and the lively ambiance of Miami, making each visit to the Baccarat B Bar & Lounge a memorable one.


Dior Café, nestled on the rooftop terrace of the Dior women's boutique in MDD, offers a unique shopping experience that blends retail luxury with exquisite dining. Patrons can indulge in coffee, tea, and pastries while surrounded by oversized, 3D sculptures of giraffes, bears, and tigers adorned with the iconic Toile de Jouy print. This atmosphere enhances the allure of high-end shopping, making each visit to Dior an unforgettable experience.


In 1978, Renzo Rosso started Diesel with the intention of creating the world’s most innovative denim. Since its inception, Diesel has embraced the slogan "For Successful Living" as a cornerstone of its brand identity. Customers can enjoy Diesel Rehab Denim, a new generation of denim offered for both men and women with circularity at its heart. Reconstituted Diesel cutting scraps and recycled fibers are blended to create a unique fabric that is treated with low impact processes to reduce water and chemical use. Every “Diesel For Responsible Living” product includes a QR code so customers can discover its responsible attributes and check authenticity allowing shoppers to stroll through the store and discover details on pieces.


Burberry has a rich heritage of innovation and craftsmanship and today customers can experience their dedication to sustainability and personalization through a suite of professional services. From fabric cleaning to tailoring services, Burberry offers aftercare options to ensure the longevity and optimal fit of purchased items. Additionally, customers can take advantage of the personalized styling sessions which provides an individualized experience in which they can refresh their seasonal wardrobe with the help of a professional.


Inspired by contemporary yachts and waterfront living, Ralph Lauren offers customers a luxury shopping experience with a blend of elegance and innovation. What sets them apart is the integration of cryptocurrency payments through BitBay, allowing shoppers to use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Polygon. Interactive digital screens offer personalized styling appointments and access to products across North America, empowering customers with choice and convenience. Shoppers are able to enjoy timeless luxury and cutting-edge technology with every purchase.


At Dr. Barbara Sturm’s boutique, shoppers are welcomed to a personalized product offering where an expert aesthetician guides them through Dr. Sturm’s skincare collection providing education on ingredient science. This allows customers to find the best products to address their skin concerns, resulting in a personalized routine tailored specifically to their skincare needs. 


Founded by artist and designer Josué Thomas, Gallery Dept. is a unisex clothing brand embodying a philosophy of reimagining inspiration into something entirely fresh with each garment. Their Miami store introduces exclusive drops and collaborations in both clothing and accessories, offering visitors a rare opportunity to discover unreleased pieces firsthand. From innovative designs to unique partnerships, Gallery Dept. invites shoppers to explore a curated selection that challenges conventions and celebrates creativity in the heart of Miami's vibrant shopping scene.


Known for its luxurious accessories, leather goods, and furniture, Chrome Hearts is inspired by sophisticated life designs. Their Miami store transcends the concept of the retail "experience" and is filled with constant interplay between artists, designers, and artisans, creating an environment where creativity knows no bounds. The space showcases a curated selection of both emerging and established artists and designers, each handpicked to craft exclusive pieces for this location. This unique fusion of artistry, design, and craftsmanship ensures that every visit to Chrome Hearts MDD is a journey of discovery and inspiration.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Miami Design


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