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Miami Design District Debuts Special Feature Exhibitions As it Continues to Support The Arts

The Miami Design District continues to celebrate and support the arts by curating special feature exhibitions showcasing cutting edge art and design by the world’s best creative talent. Highlighted below are recently debuted installations currently on view, including Antonia Wright’s site-specific project and Alec Jerome Kreisberg’s “Phone Alone USA”--a video collage/animation where the artist is displayed actively exploring social media news in a frenetic fashion given the vast amounts of information available; as well as upcoming installations and shows, from Kerry Phillips, who explores the natural impulse of keeping objects in a “Junk Drawer” and “The Altered Image” Dina Mitrani Gallery Show, which showcases a various pieces by female artists who use old photographs that are then manually stitched, cut and painted to create works characterized by layers and symbolic stories.

Read on to learn more about each exhibition on view and check these out next time you plan to visit the neighborhood!


To create Map, Antonia Wright made unique cyanotype prints by smashing glass with a hammer, laying it over chemically treated paper to create non-negative exposures in the sun. Each photogram is then digitally transposed to vinyl and placed seamlessly into the storefront windows as an unexpected intervention. These performative images respond visually and viscerally to this incendiary moment of American history where our country erupted protesting racial injustice. Through the action of smashing, Wright evokes the vulnerability and power of the human body and glass as material.

The accompanying video Suddenly We Jump depicts the artist being thrust face-first through a sheet of glass, capturing a transformative moment where Wright's own body becomes a fully functional, mechanized weapon of simultaneous destruction and creation.

Wright uses smashing as a creative gesture to draw attention to the visual appearance of broken glass as a system of mapping, and to offer a new interpretation of breaking as empowering.

LOCATION: 176 NE 41st St.

DATE: On View Now


Phone Alone USA is a video collage/animation displaying the artist actively exploring social media for news in 2020, discovering various intersecting truths within a shifting altered state of consciousness induced by scrolling through media. The overwhelming aspect of consuming large amounts of information, BLM riots, the transparency and controversy around the idea of anti-Semitism, performative internet behavior, Pornography, COVID-19, and the philosophical debate the US is internally waging about which ideology it should look towards moving forward are explored in a frenetic fashion.

LOCATION: Paradise Plaza, 133

DATE: On View Now - October 11, 2020


In this show Kerry will further explore the seemingly natural impulse towards keeping objects and the accidental collections that may result, starting with the Junk Drawer. Called by different names and located in various places within the home, it’s that catch-all place where you put things, you’ll likely need again but don’t have anywhere else for them to go. It seems to be a byproduct of necessity & space and Kerry is curious to see how others sort & store the things they keep. While looking over the objects she’s precisely assembled together that have come out of her parents’ junk drawer, Kerry asks viewers to also share stories, memories and pictures of their current or past junk drawers as part of her ongoing research into this tendency.

People can send in their junk drawer experiences via her website or in person while visiting the exhibition.

LOCATION: Paradise Plaza, 127

DATE: September 30, 2020 - October 30, 2020


This exhibition brings together female artists who use photography as a starting point to create their artworks. The materials they combine with their photographs vary, as do the narratives and meanings they aim to depict. Many start with vintage photographs, some from old family albums and others that are found, and they manually stitch, cut and paint the images, creating layers of texture and symbolic stories.

LOCATION: Paradise Plaza, 127

DATE: October 1, 2020 - October 30, 2020


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