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Miami Design District Celebrates Haitian Heritage Month with Noula Exhibition

In honor of Haitian Heritage Month, Miami Design District's Buick Building is home to NOULA: a Haitian art exhibition that challenges the idea of Haitian experience and existence. This showcase brings together contemporary Haitian artists from different parts of the world, who disrupt and confront negative notions about Haitian culture, societal standards, and the perceptions of self-identity in relation to imposed narratives.

Additionally, the Miami Design District commissioned Afro-Brazilian artist Criola to create a permanent mural for Jungle Plaza. Her work is slated to unveil this June and is titled Interdimensional Portal.


NOULA addresses historical and contemporary systemic issues, while using the homeland of Haiti as an example and a beacon. This exhibition illuminates the great contributions Haiti has offered throughout history. These artists, in their cultural context, are addressing stereotypes, biases which affect self-perception, and the misconception of their own country.

These Haitian artists encourage us to celebrate an emerging cultural exhibition, transforming the Buick Building into an immersive gallery. All from different parts of the world, these artists showcase original art, sculptures, drawings, and mixed-media- in hopes of sparking new expectations in the world of Haitian art.

The exhibition notably features conceptual art from Michaelle Sergile, film projection from Steven Baboun and sculptures from Nico Vorbe. In the spirit of Diasporic engagement, NOULA bridges the gap between classic works from old masters and contemporary masters to the most recent work by contemporary artists. This thematic exhibition displays Haitian Heritage through the lens of today’s most prominent and contemporary Haitian artists.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Noula Exhibition


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