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Miami Design District Announces 2023 Annual Design Commission Winner - Lara Bohinc

The Miami Design District (MDD) has announced that designer Lara Bohinc, Founder of Bohinc Studio, has been awarded the neighborhood’s highly anticipated 2023 Annual Design Commission! Commissioned in collaboration with Design Miami/ Curatorial Lab, this year’s installation Utopia will transform the neighborhood with a series of friendly and dynamic sculptures that bring elements of playfulness, functionality, and comfort.

Unveiling in time for Miami Art Week, Utopia spans four installations featuring irregular, bulbous forms reminiscent of growing cellular organisms. Sculptures include outdoor seating, tables, and oversized light sculptures, placed within proximity to create intimate resting spaces. Nine hundred egg-shaped birdhouses will also be dispersed throughout the trees, providing shelter for birdlife. Echoing the function of birdhouses, a giant centerpiece egg-form will provide a playful refuge for children. With a focus on sustainability, Bohinc’s pieces are made from cork and painted by hand in vibrant hues paying homage to Miami’s architectural color palette. At night, the solar-powered sculptures will create an atmospheric and inviting glow.  

‘Spirit’ Standing Light Sculpture & ‘Utopia’ Armchairs

Beginning’ Egg Light Sculpture

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Miami Design District


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