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Miami Beach Botanical Garden Upcoming Summer Events

Miami Beach Botanical Garden, a beloved nonprofit subtropical garden, is the place to be this summer with events for all ages. Enjoy guided tours, educational workshops, and family-friendly activities in lush surroundings. Open Tuesday through Sunday, 9 AM to 5 PM, with free admission.  The garden address is 2000 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach. 

Volunteer with us in the Garden!

One of the best ways to get involved and connect with nature is by sharing your time with our Horticulture Team as a volunteer. We currently have volunteer opportunities Monday–Friday, 9:30am–3:30pm. Tasks may include planting, weeding, propagating, watering, mulching, debris removal, pruning, and more. This year we are establishing a Native Pollinator Pathway in various beds throughout the Garden and garden volunteers get to help every step of the way!

To get started, visit our website, fill out a volunteer application, and sign up for a volunteer orientation:


Perfumer for a Day with Patrizio Santocchi

Saturday | July 6 | 1pm–3pm

In this fun one-day workshop you'll get to know some of the main ingredients used in perfumery arts, discover how to use the most exotic aromas, and have fun designing and blending your own custom-made perfume. The class is divided into 3 parts.

Introduction: Fundamental information, brief theory on perfumery and safety.

Building of olfactive memory: Learn the raw materials of perfumery by smelling strips dipped in various types of aromatic ingredients. The participants are encouraged to write down descriptive remarks about these odors, using whatever associations come to mind to build up a network of associations to assist in remembering the odors.

Be your own perfumer: Using the techniques learned in the previous steps and using the materials provided, each guest will design a formula, blend ingredients, and make a custom perfume or cologne to take home.

Cost: $60 • Includes materials (EOs, natural isolates, carrier oils, glass vials, pipettes, gloves, etc)

Small class size, reserve your seat • Buy tickets here


Summer Art Classes (free!)

Tuesdays | June 11 – August 6 | 10am – noon

The Sunflower Society and Miami Beach Botanical Garden are excited to welcome the return of free summer art classes for kids! Teachers Winsome Bolt and Denise Marlow will guide young artists as they create their masterpieces using objects from nature. Students will work with mixed media to create their colorful art.

• Classes are for kids ages 5–12

• Younger kids must be accompanied by parent/guardian

• Limited to 35 kids per class

• Class is free but but please register in advance to attend

• If anyone becomes ill we ask that you do not attend class

Please RSVP here to reserve a spot.


Miami Beach Orchid Society Monthly Meeting

Vanda Seedling Deflasking Class

Wednesday | July 24 | 6:30pm–8pm

The Miami Beach Orchid Society is thrilled to announce Serena Roman, renowned orchid enthusiast and founder of Lady Vanda Orchids, as the esteemed guest speaker and workshop host for our upcoming meeting on July 24 at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden.

Affectionately known as "Lady Vanda," Serena Roman has captivated orchid enthusiasts with her passion and expertise in orchid cultivation. With a background rooted in her grandmother's inspiration and a lifelong dedication to orchids, Serena has transformed her hobby into a thriving business at Lady Vanda Orchids. Specializing in a diverse array of orchid species, including the iconic Vanda, Paphiopedilum, Phragmipedium, Dendrobium, and Cattleya, Serena's nursery has become a beacon for orchid lovers worldwide.

At this month's Miami Beach Orchid Society's meeting, Serena Roman will share her knowledge and practical insights during a seedling deflasking class. Orchid deflasking is a crucial skill in orchid cultivation, involving the careful removal of young seedlings from their sterile flask environment to acclimate them to traditional growing conditions. This process is essential for ensuring the healthy development and eventual blooming of orchids, making it a valuable skill for both novice and experienced growers alike. All participants will get the unique opportunity to participate in deflasking orchids and be able to take home several plantlets. We are planning to deflask Bulbophyllum hybrids and Vanda hybrids. 

Due to the supply cost, we are charging $20 at the door for the workshop (for members and non-members). Please bring cash or plan to Zelle or Venmo us (MBOS does not currently accept credit cards.)

Please RSVP here.


Honey Bee Products with Daniel Calzadilla

Saturday | July 27 | 10am–noon

Come learn about creating habitat and building a paradise for pollinators in South Florida, with a container garden and plant propagation workshop. The seminar will cover how and why to support all pollinators via ecologically based gardening. Learn what plants, focusing on natives, are best to use to provide forage and habitat for all pollinators.

Everything you need to start, including essential pruning, gardening tools, seeds, and equipment, will be displayed and explained.

Daniel is a native Floridan with a particular affinity and commitment to studying ecosystems to preserve and give back to the communities through research, outreach, and engagement. He graduated from FIU in 2018 with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Sustainability and a certificate in Agroecology, and also became a certified beekeeper. In 2023 he graduated from the University of Florida with a Master of Science in Agronomy and a concentration in Agroecology. Daniel has assisted in many colony rescues and swarm relocations and launched the company Bee Wranglers in 2020. His work as a beekeeper goes beyond the apiary. He uses the platform to advocate for all pollinators and discuss ways to build habitats and support biodiversity.

Cost $10 • Please register here


Sound Bath Meditation

Sundays (no class June 9) | 9:30am–10:15am

This all-levels practice will guide you to find and connect with a sense of calm that will allow you to feel more resilient to stressors and helps you respond instead of react to your challenges. We will use crystal sound bowls to begin to slow down the revolutions of the mind and support your journey inward. Each class begins with a short introduction to the technique and we practice for 15-20 minutes. There are chairs and a few mats you can borrow for the practice or bring your own yoga mat. It is not necessary to sit cross-legged, you are more than welcome to use a mat and lay down for the practice. Styles of meditation: pure sound, breathing exercises, breath awareness (anapana), mindfulness (insight), loving kindness meditation (metta), or body scanning.

Non-members $20 • Members $18 (call for promo code) • Tickets

Vinyasa Yoga

Sundays (no class June 9) | 10:30am–11:30am

Prepare for the week ahead with a Vinyasa/Hatha style Yoga class. Ground down in the Garden's tropical oasis as the backdrop. Relieve stress by connecting your breath to your movements. The class can be modified for beginners, but is filled with deep stretches, twists, balancing poses and incorporates breath work that will assist in feeling resilient to stress throughout your week.

Non-members $20 • Members $18 (call for promo code) • Tickets


Tai Chi at the Garden

Wednesdays • 10am–11am

Please join teacher Silvia Salinas, AP for Tai Chi at the Garden. The class takes place weekly from 10am-11am, in the Banyan room or on the lawn (weather permitting).

Designed for beginners, but also enjoyable for long-time practitioners, this class focuses on the foundation of the movements. The health benefits of Tai Chi include improved flexibility, strength, and balance. Through its fluid movements Tai Chi stimulates deep breathing and blood circulation, without straining the heart and other muscles, making it safe for all physical levels.


New food waste drop-off location – now at the main gate of the Garden

In lieu of the Holocaust Memorial construction, and to make it easier for those of you who drop off your food waste at our Garden location, we have moved the food waste drop off bin to our main gate. Now, during operating hours, Tuesday–Sunday (9am–5pm), there is a new compost bin located inside the main gate next to the trash and recycling bin. On Mondays, the bin will be located just outside the main gate for access. We thank all of you for your support in helping make our community a little bit more eco-friendly by composting your food waste and diverting the amount of food waste that gets sent to landfills. Our finished compost is used as a valuable soil amendment in many of our Garden beds and significantly reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. You can also come by our Botanical Boutique to pick up a free bag of compost for your own use.

Honey. Back in stock at the Botanical Boutique

Next time you are visiting, stop by the Botanical Boutique to pick up a jar of honey from the Garden's very own apiary. Don't wait -- our honey goes fast!

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Miami Beach


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