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Miami Bartenders Offers Virtual Cocktail Classes

This holiday season, with family, friends and colleagues spread far and wide, top bartenders from Miami, New York, and Los Angeles are coming to your screen to teach you and your loved ones how to make a delicious cocktail at the Santa Teresa ‘1796 Virtual Speakeasy.’ Though you may not be able to gather in person over the holidays, due to ongoing social distancing restrictions, you can still gift them a memorable experience. Renowned Miami bartenders -- including Derek Stillman (The Sylvester), Chris Rolon (Vista), and Shauna O’Neil (Sweet Liberty) among others  -- can teach you and your guests how to make a drink worthy of the people you’re thankful for this holiday season – Salud!

1796 Virtual Speakeasy Details


During the months of November and December, consumers can sign up for the ‘1796 Virtual Speakeasy’, purchase a bottle of Santa Teresa 1796 and enjoy a virtual cocktail class with dates ranging from November through January. Elevate your cocktailing this year and learn how to make Santa Teresa 1796 cocktails like the La Trova Old Fashioned, Hot Buttered Rum, or Ponche Crema, a drink similar to eggnog that is a Venezuelan holiday tradition. Along with being a perfect gift for family/friends, the 1796 Virtual Speakeasy is also an ideal alternative for work holiday parties.


Sign up for a class and purchase a bottle of Santa Teresa 1796 HERE.

Don’t forget to use the following VIP code SHIPST to get free bottle shipping. Transport your loved ones to the best of Miami's, NYC, or LA cocktail scenes.


Dates ranging from November – January



New York  

Los Angeles


Santa Teresa 1796


From the oldest Venezuelan rum brand, Santa Teresa 1796 is one of the first super-premium rums to employ the Solera Method, an artisanal processing method featuring a blend of light, heavy and pot still rums aged 4 to 35 years. Santa Teresa 1796 features a palate that hearkens back to scotch and whisky, with notes of tobacco, leather, molasses and dark chocolate. Dark and bold with rich notes of molasses, vanilla and cherries, the Venezuelan premium rum has a similar flavor palate to the finest dark spirits on the shelf. Packaged in a stylish cylindrical tin, Santa Teresa 1796 makes gift wrapping a breeze. Gold Medal 2019 Beverage Tasting Institute.

Price: $44.99 SRP for 750ml

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Santa Teresa.


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