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Messika Unveils Special Smiley Collaboration

This year, the famous emoticon, SMILEY, is celebrating its 50th birthday along with 50 of the biggest names across fashion, Horlogerie and Joaillerie to create limited edition novelties.

When SMILEY decided to celebrate its 50th birthday, it naturally took to brands sharing a similar joie de vivre. Coming of age as part of the same generation, both Valérie Messika and Nicolas Loufani of SMILEY, have set themselves apart as two leaders following in their family footsteps. The daughter of a diamond dealer, Valérie has chosen to dedicate her life to the diamond – daring to make it light, free and easy to wear. Similar in timing, Nicolas was born as his father launched a French newspaper column dedicated exclusively to “good news.” The column was entitled Prenez le temps de sourire! (Take the time to smile!), with a smiley as a logo. Twenty-five years later, the instantly recognizable Smiley first appeared on a laptop. Following this, Nicolas had the idea to launch emoticons, creating a universal language we commonly use across our phones, etc. today. Each at the head of a thriving business, the two creative leaders retain the same light-hearted attitude and approach which makes one look at the bright side of life.

On April 10th, SMILEY reinterpreted through yellow diamonds will be unveiled in the U.S. through three novel interpretations – a My Move bracelet in black rubber with smiley motifs and a pave diamond motif, a small Lucky Move pendant necklace for everyday smiles and an exceptional XXL Lucky Move necklace which competes as the world’s most expensive Smiley with a laughing face emerging through the meticulous pave setting of several hundred yellow diamonds and white diamonds coming to total 7.90 carats.

For more info visit Messika

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Messika.


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