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Memories: A Culinary Journey Through Catalonia

Inside the Catalonia Costa Mujeres Hotel (at Punta Sam), located in the most exclusive area of Cancun (Mexico), the “Memories” restaurant is a culinary paradise that offers its guests a unique culinary experience, a bringer of beautiful memories. This locale is the perfect place to spend some light-hearted moments with your dearest ones, savoring astonishing plates in a seaside resort renowned to be one of the richest in culture and charm of the entire country.

This wonderful restaurant, featuring wide outdoor windows facing the Quinta Avenida, is located in the resort’s main center – full of shopping stores – and is a real jewel, capable of surprising the most daring palates. A place that is definitely worth the trip also for its strategic location: only 12 miles from Cancun.

In just a couple of years “Memories” has distinguished itself becoming a landmark in Costa Mujeres. This milestone was reached thanks to Chef John De Sola’s vision. He was able to create a menu that includes the flavors of contemporary cuisine while paying homage to his own Catalan roots.

In a recent interview, Chef De Sola stated: “The Memories restaurant is the full expression of the Catalan cuisine located in the heart of Costa Mujeres”. These plates have a long culinary tradition, are known and appreciated in every part of the world, and are revisited with the area’s top-quality raw materials.

Some of the plates that the menu recommends to its meat-lover guests are the “Cannelloni”, stuffed with roast chicken and foie gras, and the “Ingot” with crispy pork and cabbage trinxat. If the guests prefer a culinary experience with fish as the main protagonist, the menu offers the “Esqueixada” with cured snapper or the “Carabinero Suquet” with prawns cooked in Josper, coral sauce, crispy Carabinero legs, and seaweed.

A culinary experience that never stops evolving, using research and experimentation as its secret ingredients while keeping in pace with the clientele’s demanding palates for innovative and flavorful plates.

The restaurant’s interior design has been selected to create a dreamy, calm, and stylish atmosphere ready to welcome the resort’s tourists and locals and invite them to try the new recipes on the menu.

How can you resist? After a pleasant day on the beach, playing sports, or enjoying the white sands and crystal waters of Costa Mujeres, “Memories” is the perfect place for anyone looking to spend an unforgettable night with their loved ones immersed in the magic of the Caribbean seas.

“Memories” Restaurant

Punta Sam Lote 006

Carr. A Punta Sam

Hotel Catalonia Costa Mujeres

Costa Mujeres 77400 México

By ML staff | Images courtesy of Memories Restaurant


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