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Megan Mae Miami Elevates Sun Protection with Luxury and Sustainability in New Suncare Line

Megan Mae Miami's exquisite new suncare line

Megan Mae Stevens, the visionary entrepreneur behind Megan Mae Miami, known for her steadfast commitment to female empowerment and sustainable luxury, proudly introduces her latest innovation: a meticulously curated suncare collection designed to redefine sun protection with a touch of Miami glamour.

Megan Mae Miami's range of facial SPF lotions, both tinted and non-tinted

Step into a world where sun protection meets sophistication with Megan Mae Miami's exquisite new sun care line. From the opulent Radiance Shield+ SPF 50 Mineral-Based Tinted Face Lotion Sunscreen, enriched with Zinc Oxide to provide broad-spectrum defense while nourishing the skin with its luxurious, skin-loving formula, to the effortlessly chic Radiance Shield SPF 50 Mineral-Based Face Lotion Sunscreen, designed for all skin types with a non-greasy texture that ensures comfort and confidence under the sun.

Discover the allure of Forever Young+ SPF 30 Mineral-Based Tinted Face Lotion Sunscreen, delivering full spectrum sun protection with a blend of vitamins and minerals that not only protects but enhances your natural beauty with subtle, natural-looking coverage. For those who prefer effortless application, the Keep Glowing SPF50 Mineral-Based Continuous Spray Body Sunscreen offers feather-light, breathable protection enriched with Aloe Vera and Jojoba Esters, ensuring a luminous glow without compromise.

Shine Your Light SPF30 Mineral-Based Continuous Spray Body Sunscreen, Gold Rush Sunless Tanning Spray, and Keep Glowing SPF50 Mineral-Based Continuous Spray Body Sunscreens

Elevate your sun-kissed skin ritual with Shine Your Light SPF30 Mineral-Based Continuous Spray Body Sunscreen, a lightweight spray that combines Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide for superior sun protection, allowing you to radiate confidence in every sunlit moment. For those seeking a sun-kissed glow without exposure, the Gold Rush Sunless Tanning Spray delivers a natural-looking tan infused with Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel, celebrating your glow on your own terms.

Love the After Glow Aloe Vera Mist

Complete your suncare routine with Love the After Glow Aloe Vera Mist, a hydrating mist infused with cooling menthol and nourishing vitamin E. This soothing blend refreshes and nurtures your skin after sun exposure, leaving you feeling pampered and ready to conquer the day with renewed radiance.

The soothing Love the After Glow Aloe Vera Mist in action

Megan Mae Stevens, Founder and Creative Director of Megan Mae Miami, brings a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and a passion for sustainable beauty to her latest venture. Her journey from beachwear icon to comprehensive lifestyle brand exemplifies dedication and innovation in every product. "Our suncare line epitomizes a lifestyle where luxury meets responsibility," says Megan. "We empower individuals to embrace the sun confidently, knowing they're using products that enhance natural beauty while supporting environmental sustainability."

About Megan Mae Miami

Megan Mae Miami celebrates the spirit of coastal living with a focus on eco-friendly luxury. Each product embodies a fusion of style, comfort, and unwavering quality, ensuring every wearer feels radiant and empowered. From beachwear to comprehensive lifestyle solutions, Megan Mae Miami invites individuals to embrace sunshine with grace and assurance.

Megan Mae Miami's exclusive suncare collection is now available for purchase. For more information and to explore these transformative products, visit

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Megan Mae Miami


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