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The World’s First Electric Hydrofoil 'Manta5' Bike Makes Waves in Miami

Manta5, the innovators behind the world’s first electric hydrofoil bike, have now unveiled the Hydrofoiler SL3, available for purchase and rent in Miami. This groundbreaking watercraft offers a thrilling alternative to jet skis, combining speed, fun, and physical activity on the water.

The Hydrofoiler SL3 is engineered to replicate the intuitive cycling experience on land, featuring sleek design and superior engineering. With no compromise, riders can expect nimble maneuverability, speed, and the ability to carve through water effortlessly.

Founder Guy Howard-Willis emphasizes the learning curve and enjoyment of the experience, comparing it to mastering a land bike. The SL3 facilitates a quick transition from novice to confident rider, opening up opportunities for both fresh and saltwater adventures.

The unique sensation of cycling on water is Manta5's signature experience, offering riders a surreal escape from trails and traffic. With the ability to glide over the water's surface and observe marine life below, it's an unparalleled experience that must be tried firsthand.

Similar to aircraft, the Hydrofoiler SL3 utilizes hydrofoil 'wings' to lift the rider higher out of the water as speed increases. Combining human power with an electric assist motor enables riders to adjust their level of assistance, extending ride times and accessibility.

Constructed from carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum, the SL3 is buoyant and lightweight, making it easily transportable without the need for a trailer. Designed to withstand the marine environment, it features dual layer battery housings and safety tilt sensors for added reliability.

Head of Product Hayden Reeves highlights the commercial reliability of the SL3, ensuring it meets the demands of hire and tourism operators. Its durability and performance make it a top choice for recreational buyers as well.

Manta5's vision extends beyond leisure, aiming to establish foil biking as a competitive sport. Founder Guy Howard-Willis envisions a future where the sport could even become an Olympic event.

The Hydrofoiler SL3 is now available through authorized resellers, with demo opportunities and events scheduled. For more information, visit and join the water cycling revolution.


By Markin Abras. Images courtesy of Manta5.


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