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Managing Your Property with Trust & Care

Meet Carlos Castro, Founder & CEO of Individualized Property Care, Inc.

Founder and CEO Carlos Castro of Individualized Property Care, Inc., (IPC) set down with Miami Living Magazine to share his thoughts about his property home management company. Founded in 2004, IPC specializes in personalized services for clients that value the concept of customized attention.

ML: Tell is about IPC Miami Beach?

Carlos Castro: IPC was created to provide an affordable solution to help busy and out of town home owners manage their properties so they can spend more time having fun and enjoying life. Our insured and bonded personnel will become your “as needed” home managers.

We take instructions from our clients on a variety of tasks needed, from running errands, receiving deliveries, coordinating and receiving vendors, overseeing full renovation projects and more. In summary, we are an all inclusive home service company providing exceptional services at an affordable price.

ML: So what makes IPC different than any other property management companies?

CC: My team and myself specialize in absentee homeowners. We dedicate our full attention in providing our clients Peace of Mind about their homes while absent.

We have created a system where our clients determine how much or how little work is needed based on their budget. We provide monthly packages with specific weekly hours of home assistance, repair companion, cleaning services and more allowing our clients actually to determine their hourly rate.

Overseeing repairs and installations and handling home deliveries, for example, can be a headache specially if you are busy. IPC helps with all of this including full renovations.

Our experienced client representatives relive our customers from spending their valuable time waiting around for and supervising contractor and other vendors. IPC saves you money and more importantly, saves your valuable time.

ML: Besides saving time, what are other benefits of using IPC?

CC: First I will say Peace of Mind, I go above and beyond to offer the best and most detailed services. Maintaining the value our client’s estate assets and keeping these assets into top shape reduces risks of sudden costly surprises.

Secondly, we provide monthly independent concise assessment with pictures and/or videos for all of our clients. This keeps them updated the progress of their property.

Finally, it is always a pleasure to deliver a home in perfect condition when any of our customers arrive. Whether a client needs groceries done, flowers or any special requests, IPC offers reliable and trusted service.

For more info visit IPC or call (305) 535-4265


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