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Making Waves: A Deep Dive With Megan Mae Stevens

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Photo Credit: Matt Pluznick

Megan Mae Stevens is making waves all along the coast with her luxury swimwear line, Megan Mae Miami®. Colorful bikinis and one-pieces are everywhere in this city, but Megan’s collections have an indefinable quality that feels authentically Miami. It’s not only the colors and designs that are quintessential Magic City. There’s something else there.

When I sat down to chat with Megan, I realized that she is much more than a typical business owner. I started to understand exactly why her collections radiate that warm Miami feeling. It’s because the person behind the brand puts her heart and soul into her designs, and that person embodies the best aspects of this city.

It’s now clear to me that it’s Megan’s sunny disposition and fiery drive that has made her brand so successful. It’s her humble spirit, steady perseverance, and yearning for personal and professional growth that make Megan such an inspirational figure. She’s found a way to make her swimwear line feel like the natural extension of a real human being. I learned that buying swimwear from Megan Mae Miami® can be a three-dimensional experience.

Photo Credit: Matt Pluznick

How has Miami influenced your swimwear line?

Megan Mae Stevens: Miami is so diverse. There are so many different kinds of people with their own unique styles, and each community has its own vibe. Brickell, Wynwood, the Design District, and so many others — each area has its own flavor. It’s pretty easy to find inspiration just by looking around! Our collections are definitely influenced by local neighborhoods and the amazing people who live here.

What else inspires you when you’re designing and creating new collections?

Megan Mae Stevens: I wanted to do something brand new with our latest collections. With our initial collections, we focused on bright, vibrant, poppy colors. I wanted to bring a different feel this time around. It’s day versus night. In Miami, day-time and night-time are two totally different atmospheres and lifestyles. With our upcoming Liquid Metal collection, we used cooler, darker, moodier tones that are perfect for transitioning from sunny days to starry nights. For our Sandstorm collection, we used warmer, neutral tones for those who prefer something that’s a bit more low-key. We all have different tastes, so we try to keep our line eclectic so everyone can own a perfect Megan Mae Miami® swimsuit. Here in Miami, it’s not uncommon for someone to incorporate a swimsuit into an outfit and call it a night — anything goes! [laughs] We try to keep our line versatile so people have more styling freedom.

Photo Credit: Matt Pluznick

With so many swimwear brands in the market, how does Megan Mae Miami® differentiate itself?

Megan Mae Stevens: We try to bring a human element to our brand so people can really have a meaningful connection with Megan Mae Miami®. So many brands feel two-dimensional — where’s the depth? We want to give people that three-dimensional experience that goes beyond the surface level and gets them excited to be part of something special. I think everyone should visit Miami at some point in their lives. Bringing that authentic Miami experience to our customers is important to me.

We love your brand’s commitment to sustainability! Can you tell us a little more about how Megan Mae Miami® is making a difference?

Megan Mae Stevens: All of our bikinis are sustainable. They’re created from ECONYL®, which is a textile fiber from Italy that’s made from recycled plastics and fishing nets from oceans all over the world. When you purchase a bikini from us, you know that you’re making a difference in the environment. Every bikini makes a difference, and you might as well look good doing it!

You’re an influencer yourself, but who would you say has influenced you most?

Megan Mae Stevens: I’m extremely impacted by fitness and a role model I’ve looked up to since high school is Tony Horton, the creator of the P90X workout program. I just loved his enthusiasm on camera and had the privilege of meeting him — I won a contest and got to join him for a workout. He’s the same person off-camera as on camera. He has that same enthusiasm, humor, and charisma. I really appreciate people who are humble and act the same behind the scenes as they do in the limelight. Staying grounded is so important to me, and I think that’s a big reason why our customers gravitate toward Megan Mae Miami®. When you put kindness, respect, gratitude, and positivity into the world, they come right back to you.

You specialized in human performance when studying exercise science in college; how has that affected your journey? Would you say fitness is still a huge part of your life?

Megan Mae Stevens: Yes, fitness is still a huge part of my routine, my lifestyle, and who I am. When I feel like relaxing or de-stressing, my first thought is to hit the gym or go for a walk. It’s second nature for me. Many things in life come down to a formula; fitness is a formula I've figured out. It’s plug-and-play for me. I keep it simple and just do it. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you have to make it simple. For example, I like to do total body exercises and focus on doing three sets of four exercises per workout session. Don’t overcomplicate or overthink it. Put your shoes on and go!

Looking back at your career so far, what would you say are your biggest accomplishments?

Megan Mae Stevens: I’m extremely proud of Megan Mae Miami®. I was in real estate, and it just wasn’t for me. There wasn’t enough of a human element for me. It wasn’t my passion. It’s really cool to have such a young product line and have already attended Miami Swim Week® three times, along with other similar events. It’s a designer’s dream come true. I’ve also always wanted to walk in Swim Week, and it was so rewarding to combine both goals and be able to say I’ve walked for my own brand. I’m always pushing myself to do something unique that most people wouldn’t expect. It's not just about cute suits for me. It’s about accomplishing something meaningful. It’s about adding dimension and depth to my life and the lives of others.

Also, what is the hardest lesson you've learned, and how does it serve you now?

Megan Mae Stevens: Sometimes you feel like you want something so badly, and you’re convinced it’s exactly what you need for your life. Sometimes God just has a different plan for you, and usually, it’s an even better plan. There’s a fine balance between what I believe to be destiny and our role in that. We have free will, so it’s up to us to take the steps and create our own destinies. I’m a go-getter, so I’ll find a way. Say you’re pounding at a certain door. You might find that there’s no answer, or you’re hitting a brick wall. You might just need to change your focus slightly and discover that unlocked door that you missed the first time around. If it’s not there, build your own door. I’ve wanted things for my life that I thought were right for me at the time, but once I let go, everything fell into place. For example, I wanted to be a model in Miami, but every agency turned me down because I wasn’t tall enough by industry standards. So, I built my own door. My hope is that I can inspire others to turn adversity into opportunity. Let it drive you and push you forward. Maybe there’s a better plan waiting to unfold or be created.

How do you balance your work and personal life? What are your favorite ways to decompress?

Megan Mae Stevens: I have no social life. [laughs] Only teasing, but yes, I work a lot, but I feel I’m in the building phase in my life now. I’m happy with where I am. To be completely honest, I’m not always a very balanced person with how I use my time. I think it’s important to stay focused on my goals to continue growing. When you spend too much time alone, or you don’t have enough to do, you get in your own head. Covid was such a hard time for many people, including me. Right now, I’m focused on becoming the best person I can possibly be. I’m focused on growth and becoming the best person I can possibly be. When I’m not focused on work, I love playing piano and singing. I picked it up over the last six months, and I’m having a blast with it. When I need to decompress, I find that taking the time to put down my phone, disconnect, and focus on the abundance of good things in life, no matter how small, can work wonders.

What's your best piece of advice for aspiring and new entrepreneurs?

Megan Mae Stevens: Do it! Go for it! [laughs] I have a healthy naivete. If you know what you’re in for, it can deter you. I just dove in head first and started this business. It’s like you plunge into the deep end, and you just have to keep swimming. It’s great to have talent and passion, but you also need a team that can help you cover all your bases. My business partners are phenomenal and help me see things from all angles. Being a business owner is truly a rollercoaster. There will be times when it’s sunshine and roses and times when you’re in deep, dark valleys. People who are close to you can propel you forward or hold you back. Identify who will push you forward on your journey and support you in your dreams, and keep them close.

Can you share any secrets or news about what you have planned for the next six months?

We’re going to be launching two brand new collections: Sandstorm and Liquid Metal. We’re also looking forward to a lot of fashion shows, including Miami Swim Week®, New York Swim Week®, and Hamptons Fashion Week®. Besides those exciting milestones, we’re just going to keep building brand awareness and keep sending out a message of love and positivity to the amazing Megan Mae Miami® community — a three-dimensional one, at that!

And, finally, where can people find your swimwear, Megan Mae Miami®?

The easiest way to find us is through our website:

If you like what you see, come say hi on Instagram @meganmaemiami and @meganmaestevens as well as YouTube @!

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Matt Pluznick ( and Megan Mae Miami®


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