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Majority, a Mobile Banking App for Migrants, Launches in Miami

MAJORITY, the first mobile banking app dedicated to serving migrants worldwide, is opening a U.S. location in Miami in May 2021. Designed by migrants for migrants, MAJORITY is the first-ever membership-based mobile banking app designed specifically for international communities, starting with those living and working in the United States.

Founded in Sweden with U.S. headquarters in Houston, MAJORITY’s Miami location will serve as the company’s second U.S. office and meet-up space for members, located at 1756 SW 8th St, Suite 101 in Little Havana. Centrally located in one of Miami’s largest Cuban neighborhoods, the new space will be a community center for locals to have access to MAJORITY’s many banking and calling services.

MAJORITY Meetup will serve as a physical location for financial questions, needs, and education for MAJORITY users and the local migrant community. It will also provide those in the area with a space where they can host or co-create events of all types that will service and empower migrants in and around the city.

“MAJORITY Meetup is born to celebrate the ambition of our local communities and the need to solve the problems you meet when living in a country that is different from the one you were born in,” said Magnus Larsson, Founder and CEO of MAJORITY.

In just one week MAJORITY can host everything from a networking event for female Latino entrepreneurs, a budgeting workshop, or even a keynote on how to settle all your legal documentation. But mostly, the company wants to create a destination within the Miami community where their staff, clients, and migrants can feel safe, seen and heard. MAJORITY Meetup’s role will be completely determined by the needs of the community while remaining a place built on growth and development.

The MAJORITY app is available in all states, but the remittance service is being gradually rolled out. MAJORITY is currently serving money transfers and mobile top-ups to Cubans, Nigerians, Mexicans, Ghanaians, Cameroonians, Ethiopians and Kenyans in Florida, Texas and Georgia.

For only $5 a month, MAJORITY members in the U.S. receive an FDIC insured account; Visa® debit card issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC; use of more than 55,000 ATMs across North America; remittance and international calling, native language advisors; and access to MAJORITY’s network of community meet-up spaces, local discounts and events. In addition, there are zero overdraft fees or minimum balance requirements.

As a former migrant himself, Larsson is acutely aware of the challenges anyone wishing to live and work in a new country must face, and he is particularly passionate about creating a more inclusive financial ecosystem for all.

“Minority is the new majority,” explains Magnus Larsson, founder and CEO of MAJORITY. “People that move across borders add up to being the 5th largest country in the world, with a drive and ambition to change the world. Having a different perspective and background should be celebrated instead of disadvantaged thus we created this special set of financial services for those in the minority so they can have access to the best resources to fit their individual needs. We believe that with these tools, those in the minority can maximize their potential and truly realize their dreams with less obstacles in their way. This is something everyone should have the right to have.”

Key features and amenities of the MAJORITY Meetup in Miami will include a 1200-square-feet indoor coworking space with an open concept layout, access to English and Spanish speaking agents who can service existing members and new ones, complimentary coffee for members, access to A/V technology such as high-level speakers and TV screens for events and community activities, and an outdoor patio. Local partners of MAJORITY include Price Choice, Cuban Guys, 411 Taxes and Annabel’s Dental among others.

For more information on MAJORITY, visit

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Majority

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