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Maison d'Etto by Brianna Lipovsky Launches 6 Luxury Handcrafted Fragrances

Maison d’Etto, a luxury brand of artisanal, gender-neutral fragrances set to redefine the notion of modern luxury, launched with the release of its first collection, Connection to Self today at Casa Perfect by The Future Perfect in New York’s West Village.

Home to some of the best makers, artists and artisans of our time, the gallery embodies everything that we stand for — different is good. “We need to break the rules, the traditional mores no longer work” says The Future Perfect founder David Alhadeff. “We are passionate about flipping retail and consumer experience on its head. Meeting with Brianna and connecting on that allowed for incredible synergies to arise. Not only are we hosting the launch, but we will also be Maison d’Etto’s first retail partner.”

The Maison d’Etto brand defies traditional notions of beauty by taking inspiration from contemporary art, modern architecture, and culture, as well as by inspiring moments of connection, reflection, and wellbeing. The fragrances were made in collaboration with International Flavors & Fragrances Inc. (IFF), with an unyielding focus on creative freedom, as well as through the selection of the highest quality of natural ingredients from Laboratoire Monique Remy (LMR), and, uniquely, defining molecules that elevate the scent structures to new heights. Maison d’Etto founder, Brianna Lipovsky, Creative Consultant, Brand Builder and Equestrian, started putting together the building blocks in 2016 through a longing to have full creative and business control of her own brand.

Inspired by her two greatest passions, horses and scent, Brianna sought to create a line of fragrances completely unique to the beauty industry. An entrepreneurial and personal two-year journey resulted in five fragrances and one discovery-set. Each scent is directly inspired by and named after a horse that has deeply impacted her: ROTANO, KARAT EG, DURBAN JANE, MACANUDO, and CANAAN. International Flavors & Fragrances Inc.'s (IFF) experience in developing the collection, Connection to Self, was noticeably different from the traditional, beauty-industry standard guidelines surrounding fragrance. First and foremost, serendipitously, each perfumer: Carlos Benaim, Celine Barel, and Mackenzie Reilly personally and intimately related to the connection, experience, and dialogue Brianna had built with each horse. Second, and most impactful, was the request to create fragrances that stood for, “making life better by connecting with ourselves, others and the world.” “It is very rare to see a new brand emerge with such a strong modern vision and inspiration from so many different worlds: admiration for architecture, passion for equestrian lifestyle, love for ingredients, and a respect for art, craftsmanship and luxury,” states Frederic Pignault, VP Sales, Prestige Fine Fragrance, NOAM, IFF. At IFF, we love to support the entrepreneurs that have great potential like Maison d'Etto by sharing our knowledge, expertise and capabilities to help them express their olfactive vision.” "I was taken by this project due to its novel approach of adapting a fragrance to the personality of each of the horses. The direct contact with Brianna, whose passion is contagious, was incredibly motivating,” adds Carlos Benaim, Master Perfumer, IFF. The idea for Maison d’Etto was fresh and different, but at the same moment, truly timeless and elegant; a real luxury concept. The idea of reconnecting with nature through an elevated framework, is, of course, quite contemporary, but realizing this through the spirits of beautiful horses and an exquisite and storied sport, is unexpected and intriguing,” adds Mackenzie Reilly. Connection to Self is available at the Maison d’Etto website,, and through select concept stores, specialty boutiques, and contemporary galleries. Each eau de parfum comes in a 60ML bottle, and price points vary between $250.00 and $300.00. The discovery-set comes as a collection of 5 x 2.5ML spray vials and retails for $90.00.


Maison d’Etto is a luxury brand of artisanal, gender-neutral fragrances set to redefine the notion of modern luxury. It is developed with the intention of being noticed, and designed for an undeniable connection. Eschewing the traditional norms, Maison d’Etto seeks to offer something different; to create conscious, mindful, and considered products that have a purpose and can impact people's lives beyond the physical product. The goal is to inspire moments of connection, reflection, wellbeing, as well as nurture the human spirit one moment at a time. The brand was founded in 2016 by brand builder and equestrian athlete Brianna Lipovsky and officially launched in November 2019 through its e-commerce website, trunk shows and by appointment. The by-appointment-only experiences, available only in New York City, take individuals on private scent journeys, they deepen the connection to the brand, ingredients, perfumers and individual fragrance stories, which are inspired by real moments in time, and, last but not least, tend to provoke thoughtful discussion.

For more information or to purchase visit Maison d’Etto.

By ML Staff. Photo by Lauren Coleman. Brianna headshot by Dora Samosi


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