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Maintain Fitness Goals Over the Holidays

A hot toddy here, a work holiday party and Grandma’s famous sweet potatoes that you can not refuse - that’s what the holiday season is all about, but where does wellness come into play?

A 2021 NAMI survey found that three out of five Americans feel the holidays negatively impact their mental health. Between family obligations and work events filling up the calendar, as well as the pressure to try as many foods and drinks as possible, it’s no wonder many people fall away from their health and wellness routines to meet holiday obligations.

That does not have to be the case. At Crunch Fitness, we encourage people to set fitness goals, especially during the upcoming holiday season, so they have a better chance of staying in shape and maintaining their current fitness level. Adhering to fitness and wellness programmes also has a positive impact on mental health, especially during a time of year that can be very stressful for many people. People can take an hour or so each day to really invest in themselves, and that can be something different for everyone. Whether you work out, go for a jog, do Pilates, lift weights or treat yourself to a facial, focusing on self-care can do wonders during this time.

As for actual fitness goals, they should always be reasonable, attainable and not too far-fetched. Instead of setting daunting goals during this time, such as losing 50 pounds or gaining massive amounts of muscle, I would suggest setting small, achievable goals that involve small steps toward a long-term goal. Remember that goals can change over time. So follow the “no judgments” philosophy encouraged by Crunch and be kind to yourself as you go through the holidays!

When it comes to achieving those goals, find something you enjoy doing to make the process more enjoyable. Working out should be fun and exciting and never feel like a chore. In the fitness industry as a whole, and especially at a gym like Crunch Fitness, there really is something for everyone For the group fitness junkie, there are so many options. From Pilates to Barre to Zumba, the sky’s the limit.

Those who excel with a trainer can focus on the specialties that appeal to them most, such as strength training, toning, flexibility or performance. Those who like to take their workouts into their own hands can go to the gym on their own and create the best possible experience for themselves So, the best thing you can do is give yourself a schedule for your wellness programme and make this a priority to stay engaged and committed. Fitness should be scheduled just like any other commitment. This can be as simple as putting a workout on the calendar, while for others it can mean working with someone who will hold them accountable. This could be a strength training session with friends, an appointment with a personal trainer, or a group fitness class with a favourite trainer - whichever route is chosen, keeping to the schedule is expected.

To get even more specific: When you make a fitness plan, write it down, commit to it, and stick to it. People should do what is best for them to achieve those goals and stick to the schedule they have set for themselves. This can be a vision board, sticky notes on the refrigerator, or even using a smartphone to remind themselves.

And most importantly, do not be sad if you do not exercise for a day or two. Remember, it’s all about prioritising your own holistic well-being and building habits to achieve long-term goals.

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Words from Carole Steinhauser, Operations Manager, Crunch South Beach


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