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Luxury International Furniture & Design Brand Unveils Bedroom Furnishings Line

Miami-based luxury international furniture and design brand ADRIANA HOYOS has unveiled nine new additions to its award-winning LUA collection, inspired by the phases of the moon. The furnishings line expansion also includes the debut of the collection's bedroom pieces, featuring the LUA Upholstered King Bed, LUA Nightstand and LUA Dresser

ADRIANA HOYOS is also expanding its LUA dining room selections with the launch of the LUA Buffet 501, offering upscale technology with a new internal lighting feature that can power the cabinets on and off through a hand motion sensor, conveniently lighting the space. The expansion also includes new living room customizable sectional options. Additionally, there are two new stone top options for LUA’s dinner and coffee tables, including Dekton and Quartzite, which are crafted from the highest-quality materials, and that resonate with the latest market trends. 

LUA was initially launched in July 2023, featuring 21 pieces categorized by “curved organic shapes and modern design that reflects the fashion industry’s quiet luxury trend, synonymous with understated elegance, timeless appeal, and high-quality craftsmanship,” according to a press release shared by the company.

“Initially, we found so much inspiration when studying how our ancestors connected with the moon, and once we saw the overwhelming response to LUA from our customers, we were compelled to create additional pieces because there was still so much more to share through our designs,” said Adriana Hoyos, principal and head designer of ADRIANA HOYOS. 

LUA is the 14th collection from ADRIANA HOYOS, which recently opened a new design atelier in Coral Gables and operates a showroom in the Design Center of Hollywood. The collection appears in 17 ADRIANA HOYOS locations in the Americas and the Middle East and is sold by distributors around the world.  

“The LUA collection personifies the timeless elegance and customized approach of the ADRIANA HOYOS brand, and its success and growth are also symbolic of what we are experiencing as a brand,” said Eduardo Perez, president and CEO of AHC Group. 

The full collection will be available to consumers worldwide in both ADRIANA HOYOS-owned and partner-run stores later this month.

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Adriana Hoyos


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