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Luxury for Less: Treat Yourself with Miami Spa Month Savings

Updated: Apr 16

July marks the beginning of Miami Spa Months when locals and visitors alike look forward to pampering themselves and indulging in luxurious treatments at a fraction of the price.

Drawing inspiration from holistic wellness practices, K’Alma Spa Concepts is offering exclusive Miami Spa Months deals throughout July and August at K’Alma Spa in South Beach, and Leaf Spa and Ciel Spa in Brickell. With prices on massages, facials, body treatments and signature treatments ranging from $109 to $220, locals and travelers can indulge in luxury for less.

Discover the Heart-Opening Benefits of Cacao at K’Alma Spa

K’Alma Spa at Hotel Victor, 1144 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139

K'Alma Spa Miami Spa Months Menu

Located at the Hotel Victor in South Beach, K’Alma Spa is the brand’s flagship location and the first spa in Miami to incorporate authentic Peruvian crystal healing therapies. During Miami Spa Months, K’Alma invites guests to open their heart chakra with experiences inspired by the healing power of chocolate and crystals at exclusive Miami Spa Months pricing. Treatments include massages such as the 50-minute Chocolate Citrine, a luxurious creamy milk chocolate oil massage, and the 50-minute Druzy Dulce de Leche, featuring a druzy crystals meditation and dulce de leche infused oil.

Other highlights include the 80-minute Diamond Decadence facial, featuring a nourishing diamond-infused mask, and the 50-minute Copal Choco-Coconut body treatment, leaving the skin silky smooth while nourishing the body and soul. Guests can also indulge in a 30-minute Pure Cacao Heart Harmony session, featuring guided meditation and soothing sound healing, as part of K’Alma’s menu. Inspired by the indigenous communities who have revered cacao as a sacred plant that can connect one to their higher self, the spa also features Cacao Ceremonies on Saturdays and Sundays during Miami Spa Months. To make an appointment, please contact 305.534.5555 or

What’s the Tea at Leaf Spa?

Leaf Spa at Hotel AKA Brickell,1395 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131

Leaf Spa Miami Spa Months Menu

Bringing wellness to the mind, body and soul with holistic treatments that connect guests with nature and one another, Leaf Spa, located at the Hotel AKA in Brickell, invites guests to experience an exclusive “What’s the Tea?” menu inspired by the alchemy of herbal teas and sacred rituals for Miami Spa Months. Treatments highlights include the 80-minute Lucid Lavender massage, merging lavender’s soothing power with transformative sound bowl healing and guided meditation, and the 50-minute Radiant Rooibos facial, designed to revitalize and renew the skin.

Guests can also indulge in full body treatments including the 50-minute Ginger Glow, featuring an invigorating ginger-infused body scrub, and the 50-minute Detoxifying Dandelion. This dandelion-infused ritual incorporates guided meditation to release toxins and find inner harmony. Leaf Spa’s signature treatment for Miami Spa Months, Tarot and Tea, nurtures healing, personal growth and empowerment through a 20- or 45-minute tea tasting and tarot reading session. To make an appointment, please contact 305.534.5555 or

Surrender to the Celestial Guides at Ciel Spa by K’Alma

Ciel Spa at SLS Brickell, 1300 S Miami Ave, Miami, FL 33130

Ciel Spa by K'Alma Miami Spa Months Menu

Incorporating elements of astrology and harmonizing rituals, Ciel Spa by K'Alma at the SLS Brickell features tailored massages, facials and body treatments inspired by the zodiac signs. Fire signs can embrace the celestial spirit of the spa with treatments like the 80-minute Healing Warrior Massage. Designed for the warrior sign, Aries, the massage features crystals to align the 7 chakras and palo-santo-infused oil. Water signs like Scorpio will enjoy the 50-minute Recharged and Renewed body treatment featuring a Himalayan salt scrub to help shed what no longer serves them.

All about luxury and comfort, the 80-minute Grounding Massage designed for Taurus, features hot stones to ease muscle tension and ground them back to the Earth. Curated for air signs like Libra, the 80-minute Airess oxygen facial balances the skin, aiding with acne, hydration and anti-aging. Other highlights include a 45-minute Astrology Reading where guests can explore their cosmic blueprint and find guidance in their self-discovery journey. To make an appointment, please contact 305.534.5555 or

By ML staff. Images courtesy of each featured business on this story. Top image courtesy of Unsplash


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