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Luca Faloni, Italian Menswear Brand, is Expanding by Opening its Seventh Store in Miami

Stepping into a Luca Faloni store is like entering a swoon-worthy Hotel lobby with calming music accompanied by the subtle meld aroma of espresso and fresh linen. The stores are welcoming, functional, and desirably homely.

This Luca Faloni retail blueprint extends itself into the Miami store which much like their garments, every molecule of the style has been considered. The store has been meticulously imagined and designed by Davide Barrera.

Encapsulating the heritage of the city, Art Deco is the initial inspiration. Carrara marble, boiserie in walnut veneer, and handmade cement tiles from Turkey are characterized by color pairings of moss green, moca cream, and brushed brass alongside strong geometric symmetry to complete the look.

Bespoke furniture devised by the Luca Faloni team has been produced by Italian carpenters Brugnotto Group, paying homage to the brand's roots and mirroring the sibling stores around the world. Garments are displayed in wardrobe-styled rails and shelves further embodying the relaxed and welcoming energy of the brand’s mission of accessible artisanal craftsmanship.

“Miami is an important market for us as it's an opportunity to showcase the linen collection throughout the seasons and a huge window to tourists internationally & in South America.” Luca Faloni

The 100% pure linen range is produced by some of the oldest mills and artisans in Northern Italy and will play a principal part for consumers in Miami.

The Portofino Shirt, Lipari Trousers, and Versilia Shirt provide softness, breathability, and durability providing the foundations of menswear for clients looking to bridge the gap between formal and casual attire.

Luca Faloni was founded in 2014 as an online business whose popularity grew thanks to its offering of quality products at a fair price.

Their style remains unchanged since its launch except for the introduction of occasional new colors and categories throughout the year.

2018 was the opening of their first store in London Marylebone with Milan, London Piccadilly, New York, Munich, Stockholm and now Miami joining suit with the continuation of further global retail expansion to come.

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By ML staff. Courtesy of Luca Faloni.


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