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Loxen Productions' Young Frankenstein at the ARTime Theater in Little Havana

It was a weekend full of unrestrained laughter, cheers, and standing ovations for the all-South Florida cast of Loxen Productions’ Young Frankenstein at the ARTime Theater in Little Havana.

The Mel Brooks’ classic musical comedy, which runs until October 29th, was an enchanting blend of slapstick humor, uplifting singing and dancing, brilliant performances, and stunning stagecraft.

“I absolutely loved it,” said theater goer Ashleigh Eckhoff. “I am a huge fan of the movie with Gene Wilder and came in with some reservations, hoping not to be disappointed. Instead, I was mesmerized. It was outstanding. The cast and production were sensational. We laughed from beginning to end. I’m totally recommending it to friends and will be back with them to watch it again.”

“I couldn’t stop laughing,” added Daniela Salazar, who attended the opening night performance. “The chemistry onstage was contagious. You could sense how much they liked each other and the fun they were having. It made everyone in the audience feel part of the show. Frankenstein and Igor were hilarious. Actually, so was the Monster and everyone else. I fell in love with the cast. My friends and I had a blast. This was definitely worth coming to, as we get into the Halloween spirit.”

On the heels of their recent successes with Cabaret and Little Shop of Horrors, Loxen Productions ventured into the brilliant and wacky mind of Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein for their latest production.

This hilarious masterpiece invites you to embark on a journey to Transylvania with the eccentric Dr. Frederick Frankenstein, who wishes to be called “Fronk-en-steen” to distance himself from his infamous grandfather of Frankenstein-the-Monster fame. Frederick inherits his family's estate and, after discovering his grandfather’s laboratory gets entangled in a wild experiment with his sidekicks, Igor (pronounced Eye-gore), and Inga, to bring a new creature back to life, unleashing a chain of comical mishaps that left the audiences – and the Monster - in stitches. Benjamin Leon IV, the visionary driving force behind Loxen Productions, aims to redefine Miami's cultural landscape by bringing the city's untapped talent to the forefront. “Our goal is to raise the bar of live entertainment in Miami by harnessing the potential of local performers and advancing the growth of the entire art scene in South Florida,” said Leon IV, who plays Frederick Frankenstein. “We knew Young Frankenstein would be a hit. It’s a timeless classic. Showcasing par excellence works like this ensures that our community doesn’t have to travel beyond our borders in search of top-tier theater productions.”

The trailblazing actor, producer, and director, created Loxen in 2018 with the intention of catapulting the arts in South Florida. Since then, the company has evolved into a major player in cultivating local arts in all of its forms, from theater to music, from painting to sculpture, from film to photography, and everything in between.

Aside from Leon IV playing Dr. Frederick, the cast of Young Frankenstein includes Corey Vega (Igor), Sara Álvarez (Inga), Irene González (Frau Blücher), Emily Howard (Elizabeth), Javier Cabrera (Monster), Ryan Crout (Inspector Kemp), Amanda López, Shelby Tudor, Sabrina Leon, Natalie Patino, Brittni Taylor Rhodes, Fabiana Cueto Lito Becerra, Sergio Tamayo, Gianfranco Imbert, Justin Rodríguez, Mikhael Mendoza and Chris Atzanos, all under the experienced direction of Gonzalo Rodríguez. Musical direction is by Johann Guzman; set design by Nobarte Inc., lighting design by Ernesto Pinto and costume design by Beth Fath.

“We have an amazingly talented cast that performed spectacularly this weekend,” said director Gonzalo Rodriguez. “I couldn’t have asked for more. And, the audiences were electrified, to use a reference to the show! As performers and the production crew, we feed off of the audience’s energy and they were so into all the shows that it created amazing synergy. We had as much fun, if not more than they did. We can’t wait until our next performance.”

Performances of Young Frankenstein are scheduled from Friday, October 13th to Sunday, October 29th. Fridays and Saturdays at 8:00 PM, and matinees on Saturdays and Sundays at 2:00 PM at the ARTime Theatre, 900 SW 1 St., Miami, Fl. 33130. Ticket prices range from $25 to $75, and they are available for purchase exclusively at: Group rates and student discounts are available.

In the spirit of Halloween, Loxen Productions is organizing a costume contest during the final weekend of Young Frankenstein. Audiences are encouraged to dress in their spookiest attire, adding to the excitement of the theater experience. The contest winner will earn a coveted opportunity to take the stage in the final performance of the show on October 29th.

More on Loxen Productions:

Loxen Productions is a trailblazing theater company dedicated to showcasing the exceptional talents of South Florida's local artists. Under the visionary leadership of Benjamin Leon IV, the company serves as a beacon for artistic brilliance, fostering Miami's cultural renaissance and uniting audiences with the soul of the city's creative tapestry.

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Loxen Productions


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