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Love in Full Bloom: Gucci’s Enchanting Campaign with Wen Qi & Daniel Zhou

Gucci’s new campaign, starring actress and Brand Ambassador Wen Qi and singer and actor Daniel Zhou, is a playful and joyous ode to love and human connection. Set against a backdrop of fields of grass and blooming flowers, the campaign captures moments of intimacy transporting viewers into a world where love and beauty intertwine.

The campaign inspires novel renditions of the House’s signature handbags as the Gucci Diana, the Dionysus, and the GG Marmont lines, presented in bold tones and romantic patterns. The same motifs adorn a pair of Horsebit loafers, celebrating this style’s 70-years anniversary since first conceived by Aldo Gucci in 1953. Heart-shaped shoulder bags featuring the Interlocking G emblem are presented along a sparkly version of the Aphrodite shoulder bag offering an amusing, light-hearted take on the House’s accessories.

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By ML staff | Images courtesy of Gucci.


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