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LOVE ALL TENNIS CO: A Mother-Daughter Brand Serving Tennis Fashion With a Diverse Twist

Mother and daughter founders, Kristen and Hadley Greene, know that the future of fashion does not exist without diversity and inclusion.

They understand how important each is firsthand as their own son and brother, who they adopted from China when he was just two years, has Down syndrome and autism.

Together, Kristen and Hadley are using their brand, Love All Tennis Co, to bring awareness to those with disabilities and redefining what it truly means to "love all" with each collection.

Before the brand’s inception, Kristen and Hadley often found themselves playing tennis together, then changing out of their tennis apparel before they went anywhere else.

Not only did they struggle with finding stylish yet functional tennis athleisure wear, but they also struggled with finding tennis apparel that could be worn on and off the court. So, they decided to make their own.

Founded in May of 2023, after two years of planning and designing, Kristen and Hadley launched Love All with tennis essentials and chic styles made for every tennis lover, or for those who just like the Tenniscore trend!

From preppy skirts, sweaters, crewnecks, and hats, to onesies, dresses, and more, Love All ensures that each piece of apparel provides sport, style, and most importantly meaning on and off the court.

Additionally, Love All designs their apparel with all age groups in mind and prioritizes sustainability throughout the production process, from the clothing being manufactured in Los Angeles and the recycled polyester that is used to make various pieces, to Kristen and Hadley consciously choosing sustainable packing vendors.

“I knew we’d found our niche”, Hadley says, and with quality products, a chic, cool-girl aesthetic, and a mission to promote unity amongst people and bring awareness to an underrepresented community within the fashion industry, Kristen and Hadley have done more than just find a niche, but rather have created an incredibly impactful kind of fashion brand and community.

Kristen and Hadley want those who wear Love All to feel “inspired, empowered, and know that with each purchase, they are making a difference”.

Currently, the brand donates 10% of each purchase to Sandal Gap Studio, a non-profit organization that works to bridge the gap of knowledge and understanding between society and individuals with disabilities.

“We believe in promoting love and unity amongst people. To us, "LOVE ALL" means more than just a score in a tennis game; it represents our mission to spread love to all those around us,” Kristen says.

Love All’s first collection consisted of their core, classic pieces which featured black and white silhouettes and an “LA” logo apparent on each.

Undoubtedly, Love All’s most iconic product from the first collection was the pouf skirt, which Kristen explains was designed as a “fun, unique take on the tennis skirt”.

Launched just last week, Love All’s FW23 collection offers new styles of skirts, such as the banded skirt, along with grey and black onesies, crewnecks and pullovers that make the perfect addition for any fall athleisure outfit, visors, and much more.

Kristen says, “We’re excited to continue to create unique pieces with every new collection, while always keeping our values at the core of everything we do.

Love All is for the player and the spectator, but more importantly, it’s for those who want to make a difference with their fashion choices”.

As the Tenniscore trend continues to evolve and expand, it is clear that Love All’s collections and mission will remain timeless.

You can shop their newest collection on their website or on their Instagram.

To learn more visit

Follow Love All Tennis CO on Instagram.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Love All Tennis Co.


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