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Louis Vuitton Presents "Aguacate" by Campana Brothers

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

From Brazil's internationally acclaimed Campana Brothers comes the Aguacate Multicolore, a limited-edition sculptural object that brings a burst of radiance to any space. Nine differently sized pieces can be configured as desired and mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling. This nature-inspired piece is masterfully woven by hand and adorned by the artists' signatures and discreet House branding. For more information visit Louis Vuitton.

Product details

  • Price: $58,000

  • 117.3 x 110 x 1.2 inches (length x Height x Width)

  • Multicolored

  • Louis Vuitton handwoven leather straps

  • 9 components for personalized configuration

  • 16 hardware clips for assembly

  • 2 ceiling suspensions (9 feet 8 inches/3 m)

  • Designers' signatures and production number on back

  • Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades signature on back

  • LV Initials embossed on front

  • Limited edition of 30 pieces

By ML Staff. Image courtesy of Luis Vuitton.


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