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Longevity via Nutrition, Genetics & Mindfulness

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

The pandemic made it even more clear: Health is the Real Wealth! There is no better time to take care of your health-related goals than NOW.

In this article author Ella Davar RD will help you improve your nutrition with food and longevity science. Ella Davar, RD is not your average dietitian. Ella is on a mission to make Miami the healthiest city in America. She received her education from NYU and helps her busy clients feel their best with personalized nutrition planning, and healthy lifestyle guidance! In her approach, Ella combines genetic testing with microbiome, and blood test results to create individually tailored recommendations for best chances at a healthy and happy life.

  • Blood tests help us view your metabolism and overall well-being

  • Microbiome testing shows how well your body is digesting and absorbing nutrients

  • Genetic testing shows your unique design from a cellular DNA perspective

Achieving Ultimate Wellness can be confusing!

The status quo is that general nutrition recommendations are very conflicting. As an example, some medical doctors think keto is the best approach to dieting, whereas cardiologists believe that a vegan diet is the best approach for cholesterol management.

I know what it feels like to be stuck and confused, I became a dietitian to solve my own health, fitness, and weight loss-related problems.

I became a model when I was 15, and moved to the USA on my own when I just turned 19 years old.As a young immigrant, I studied English language and earned my bachelor's degree in Finance and Investments. I worked on Wall St with arguably the most successful financial minds in the world, where I quickly learned the price we pay for success by overworking. Stressful jobs, tight deadlines, long working hours, and a cut-throat environment where everyone competes with each other, lead to a realization of the importance of physical and mental health. To help me overcome these challenges, I studied yoga and became a health coach to learn all about healthy habits and diet for optimal wellbeing. I also returned to grad school to receive a Master's degree in Nutrition from NYU, where I studied nutrition science and worked as a medical nutrition therapist with various health conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease and metabolic disorder.

Today I fully understand the pressures of life and work balance that require maintaining our health in an optimal state.

My mission today is to help busy, ambitious, high-performing people achieve their goals in a healthy way by creating a more balanced and healthy lifestyle that is sustainable and enjoyable. Here is what you need to know:

You Are Unique

Everyone is different and should be learning from their bodies to get data and information on what really works for them. I help my clients learn from their bodies, and avoid conflicting arguments from experts on what they should or should not eat.

Better health with wearable technology and longevity science

Here is a list of my favorite wearable technology devices and planning techniques:

  • Improve sleep quality with Oura ring

  • Increase metabolism and weight loss with CGM

  • Better digestion with microbiome (stool) testing

  • Optimal health with advanced bloodwork

  • Natural energy with genetic testing

  • Proper nourishment with meal planning and supplementation

  • Healthy habits with coaching

  • Weight loss hypnosis for the right attitude towards food and body image

  • Personalized guided meditation for the mindset of success and vitality

My Services

In addition to one-on-one work I lead group coaching classes and speak at wellness events in Miami!

As a professional foodie I love cooking food as much as talking about it, that’s why I also teach healthy cooking classes! My local clients who need more practical knowledge on healthy cooking enjoy a fun dinner with a dietitian! I use creative but easy to make delicious (never boring!) recipes for vegetables, protein dishes with lots of fiber, antioxidants on every plate!

Schedule dinner cooking classes and nutritional lectures on Ella’s website at NutritionistElla.

You can learn more about Ella’s services on

Follow me on Instagram for latest offering and updates @ella.davar

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of NutritionistElla


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