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Longevity Science Foundation Welcomes Megan Gregg as Advisor

Lisa Ireland, president and CEO of Miami-based Longevity Science Foundation (LSF), an international nonprofit organization dedicated to funding research establishing a longer and healthier human lifespan, is pleased to announce that Megan Gregg has joined the LSF as an advisor. 

President & CEO of Longevity Science Foundation

Gregg boasts over 15 years of experience in technology, entrepreneurship, and notably, in the private equity sector, underpinned by a solid educational foundation in science, business, and engineering. Currently, she is senior partner and CEO of Manhattan Global Partners, a private equity fund. In this role, Gregg steers the private equity firm towards impactful investments, fostering growth and innovation across global markets. 


She also serves as the director of partnerships with Doomsday Partners and Doomsday Technology, a firm focused on sustainable energy solutions and positive environmental impact, and is the founder of Bisinex, a company that provides strategic direction and fosters partnerships for impactful companies, funds, firms, and philanthropies.


In addition, she is a founding member of Women in Tech, in partnership with Grapevine, a network of women in tech supporting numerous non-profits and championing STEM education and tech diversity. Gregg pursued an education in neuroscience and behavior at several universities in Florida, enriching her understanding of complex behavioral systems before transitioning into private equity and entrepreneurship.

“We are very pleased to welcome Megan to the Longevity Science Foundation,” said Lisa Ireland. “With her diverse background in neuroscience, emerging technologies, business development and more, she is an asset to helping us achieve our mission of making longevity treatments accessible to everyone through the funding of novel aging research and raising public awareness about the longevity science.” 

By ML Staff. Photo Courtesy of Longevity Science Foundation


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