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Logan Real of Real Atelier Drops Debut Collection Titled “The Art of Craftsmanship”

Designer Logan Real (@loganreal) of REAL Atelier is set to release his first luxury leather goods collection - “The Art of Craftsmanship” on launching on Wednesday, November 25, 2020. This collection marks a new beginning for the designer who is well-known for custom monogrammed designs to elevate brand products under his own name. Ranging from the smallest good, a cardholder, to the largest, a tote bag made from American Tanned leather and hand-sewn stitching, the collection consists of six handcrafted goods for the modern day man.

From the very start, this year turned out to be anything but what we expected. We are all in a state of uncertainty waiting for what's next. It challenged us to grow innovative with the resources we’ve been given, time to perfect our craft and more importantly --- remembering why we fell in love with it all in the first place. “The Art Of Craftsmanship,” released six months after it’s intended debut, symbolizes patience and the beginning of a transition --- not just for REAL Atelier, but for us all.

The designer pulled his inspiration while studying Business Marketing at the University of Florida, analyzing heritage brands such as Louis Vuitton. The iconic french fashion house fascinated him with their global success using a simple monogrammed design. After building a trademark for painting custom abstract designs on luxury leather goods, the designer decided to learn how to make these goods from scratch. Through trial, error and close attention to detail, the designer created his first handcrafted luxury leather men’s collection.

“Authenticity is the courage to be oneself and embarking on a new beginning... We live in a universe that speaks in energy and vibrations and as humans we express that through love. I hope my collection is a testament that anything in life is possible if you truly believe in yourself and give unconditional love.” designer Logan Real states.

Each piece symbolizes hope, clarity, diversity and transition with the launch of an exclusive REAL Mosaic Monogram as the design foundation in a color scheme of dark brown and black. The aesthetic evokes a sense of timelessness as well as a departure from the seasonal constraints of fashion.

A highlight from the debut collection, the Logan Real Tote Bag ($1,750) painted in the signature REAL Mosaic Monogram design. The tote bag has a Leather Silk interior Lining with an exterior in English Bridle. The tote bag, as well as all the pieces from the Art of Craftsmanship Collection is hand-stitched and hand-painted with the brand name “REAL” in a specific triangle of the pattern for authenticity.

Moreover, another luxury good from the collection, the Logan Real Cardholder ($250) dressed in it’s signature Real Mosaic design and personally signed courtesy of the designer. Bred from authentic origins, these goods are meant to spread a universal connection across the globe to all those that share the power in belief.

About Logan Real:

Logan Real is a designer from Miami, FL. Growing up as an only child, Real had a difficult time figuring out his purpose in life. At the University of Florida, he studied Business Marketing. In 2006, after attending a college career fair with no interest in the paths advertised, he ended up at a local craft store where he picked up abstract painting with an acrylic medium. Influenced by Louis Vuitton, he began painting his signature triangle monogram on T-shirts and canvas sneakers, later becoming a trademark for custom art on luxury goods for the past 14 years.

Though Real plans to continue his custom-artwork, he decided to take things to another level. In 2017, Real began developing his own luxury leather goods collection, learning how to make these products from scratch. He watched online tutorials from master leather craftsmen around the world. More notably, he learned techniques from some of the best, including Peter Nitz of Zurich. He related to his attention to detail as Real is most known for himself with his own work.

Before the start of the pandemic, for the first time Real attended Men’s Fashion Week in Paris. He was inspired by the collections and left determined to launch REAL Atelier’s first collection, “The Art of Craftsmanship” debuting Wednesday November 25th on the e-commerce website

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Logan Real.


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