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Locust Projects

Paul Ward - Luck is Alive, from Portals of Introspection

T. Eliott Mansa, from Room for the living/Room for the dead

Ronny Quevedo

ule ole allez

A major new Main Gallery installation by Ecuador-born/New York City–based artist Ronny Quevedo created in collaboration with local futsal (aka football) players. The work draws parallels between movement in sports activities and migration over local and international borders and the ever-changing rules immigrants face.

T. Eliott Mansa

Room for the Living/Room for the Dead

A new Project Room installation by Miami-based artist T. Eliott Mansa. The artist will build an immersive recreation of a room referencing the architecture of sunken ‘living rooms’, popular in the 1970s that children and guests were not allowed to use. Mansa’s intention is to trigger the radical imagination of viewers, encouraging them to subvert the status quo and find socio-political agency in their own communities.

Screening Room - Portals of Introspection

Dimitry Saïd Chamy, Mikey Please, Duke Riley and Paul Ward

A selection of video works guest curated by Donnamarie Baptiste. “Highlighting connections between humans and our environment, artistic desire and how we navigate through life each day, this collection of films delves deeply to understand our engagement and place in the world.”--Donnamarie Baptiste, guest curator

Dates & Times

Meet the Artists Reception

Tuesday Nov 29



through February 4, 2023


3852 N Miami Ave

Miami Design District






By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Locust Projects


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