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Lizzy Greene: Rising Star

At the young age of 7, Elizabeth Greene, known to most as Lizzy, got her start in local theater at the suggestion of her music teacher. “I was a very confident and energetic kid. I used to play soccer and do gymnastics, and I’d make up little plays for my family. Theater seemed like it fit perfectly.”

Five years later, the Texas-native landed an agent, and in 2014, she found herself in a starring role on Nickelodeon’s Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn playing Dawn Harper. “It’s a great network to be involved with. It was such a good point in my life. It was able to grow with me. People have no idea how much work goes into it. I have such a massive respect for the business and every person that’s giving 100% all the time,” says Lizzy.

Lizzy had been living in Los Angeles for five years filming the Nickelodeon show, before experiencing her first pilot season, during which she landed the role of Sophie on ABC’s A Million Little Things. The hit TV show follows a tight-knit circle of friends in Boston who are shocked by a member of the group’s unexpected suicide. The friends realize that they need to finally start living life as they cope with the tragic loss. The show’s title is a reference to the adage, “Friendship isn’t a big thing –it’s a million little things.”

Lizzy plays Sophie, the daughter of Delilah and Jon Dixon, the man who commits suicide in the show’s pilot. Last month, A Million Little Things’ Season 2 finale aired. “She’s an incredibly strong character who’s just gone through losing her father. She’s been through so much. She acts as the glue for the family. She’s tying up her laces and moving forward. She’s not too far from myself actually,” she laughs. “Stubborn and just wanting the best for everybody.”

The 16-year-old actress just got her legal 18, meaning she can dedicate as many hours as she wants to acting. “I’ve been working for nine years, nine hours a day. So it’s something I’m really thankful to be able to continue doing. I love horror movies, gritty stuff. I’d love to be a female James Bond, Lara Croft or play in something supernatural. I love to work, so I’m open to everything,” says Lizzy.

Lizzy is also passionate about her philanthropic work with the American Foundation of Suicide Prevention. She is currently filming a PSA-style clip for her Instagram that touches on encouraging youth to speak up and discover their stress methods. “It’s a phenomenal group to be with. I’m connected to them because they’re good with speaking to youth and breaking the stigma. They have absolutely amazing reach. Huge fan of charity work. I love giving back. I have fans that have grown up with me and I want them all to know that they are worth it. They should never have to experience going through this alone.”

With much of the world implementing #StayHome because of the widespread COVID-19, Lizzy is taking this time to focus on a few things that she really loves doing. “I love to cook. Every Thanksgiving, I make these pumpkin chocolate chip muffins that are so delicious! I’m also really good at stir fry tofu and vegetables. But if there’s one thing I’m really looking forward to doing, it’s getting better at my art. I’m really passionately tied with art since I was little. Even acting reminds me how much I love it. For me, it’s a little escape. There are no rules or guidelines. You just get to do.” Side note, if you have an interest in art and have yet to discover Posca Pens, do yourself a favor and order some. Thanks, Lizzy!

Words by Briana Dodson • Photo Credit: Lesley Bryce. Watch Lizzy in A Million Little Things on ABC, Thursdays at 9 p.m. and keep up with her on Instagram: lizzy_greene and Twitter: greene_lizzy.


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