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Living The Boating Life with First Mariners Club

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

If you live in South Florida, you understand that boating is a way of life. Like many of us, you probably watch from the shore as others blissfully float by, enjoying the sun and sea, and wondering what amazing destinations they are off to. You find yourself daydreaming about, someday, being at the helm of your own yacht, enjoying days on the water with friends and family.

That dream quickly fades when you start thinking about the practicality, expense and hassle of actually owning a floating toy that may cost more than a home. In searching for options, you find that typical boat clubs don’t offer the kind of quality vessels you’re looking for and chartering a yacht can cost you thousands of dollars, just for a day.

This was the quandary that First Mariners Club founders Anne-Lise and Kevin Dorry faced when they moved to Miami.

“When we moved to Miami we knew we wanted a boat, but were looking for alternatives to actually buying one.” said Kevin. “Having owned boats in the past we understood that the joy of boating can quickly turn into an expensive headache. When you factor in the cost of the vessel, dockage, repair, and general maintenance, the numbers can add up quickly. In addition, dealing with maintenance, insurance, paperwork, cleaning, and so on is not only time-consuming, it is often an aggravation. Pair that with the fact that most people don’t use their boat nearly as often as they think they will and you start to see the realities of boat ownership.”

Unable to find what they were looking for, the couple hit on an idea: Why not create the kind of boating experience they were looking for but couldn’t find? Create an exclusive club offering white-glove service and a carefree experience bringing a sense of effortless luxury to boating. Their members experience the closest thing to owning a boat, without actually buying one. Out of this idea, First Mariners Club was born.


First Mariners Club is based on the idea of giving a very limited number of members access to new or late model, club-owned, stylish yachts that they may use by themselves or with a captain. Club vessels are selected to be of the highest quality and must be head-turners.

First Mariners Club handles maintenance, dockage, cleaning and all of the other headaches of boat ownership, leaving their members with none of the work and only one thing to do: enjoy their days on the water.


Imagine showing up to a clean, beautiful yacht, fully stocked with snacks, drinks, sunscreen, towels, and toys, jumping on board and venturing off for a day on the water. Then, upon your return, just hopping off and heading home. First Mariners Club handles everything. The only thing you have to worry about is your next boating adventure.

Have a question or special request? Just call or email your personal First Mariners Club Concierge to get help with destination recommendations, dock-and-dine reservations, catering requests, or anything else you might need.

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First Mariners Club is exclusive and limits their membership base so that each member has that true “boat owner” experience and feels they are part of something special. Unlike typical boat clubs, access to a club vessel or club event is rarely an issue. The proprietary, state-of-the-art reservation system makes booking a vessel childishly simple. The hardest thing members typically have to do is decide what bathing suit they’re going to wear.


Club membership comes with “on shore” activities as well. This includes exclusive wine tastings, member dining events, talks, get togethers, and more. Members are welcome to participate in these events or just spend their time on the water. The choice is theirs. It could be yours.


If you think First Mariners Club may be just what you’ve been looking for or you’re just a bit curious, we suggest you check them out at

Words from First Mariners Club. Photos Bonomotion and First Mariners Club


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