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Lancôme Introduces Skin Screen, an Exclusive Advanced Skin Analysis Service

In continuing to develop its own Beauty Tech services, Lancôme has developed Skin Screen, a cutting-edge skin analysis service for every woman. Inspired by clinical studies and dermatologist-approved devices, Skin Screen is available in selected Lancôme counters.

A unique analysis of 13 skin parameters

Lancôme has combined 85 years of skin expertise with the very best of skin science, artificial intelligence, and beauty experience to present the most accurate, high-performance imaging system available. Skin Screen represents a breakthrough combination of tri-polar light technology, artificial intelligence, and advanced algorithms to measure 13 skin clinical parameters.

Lancôme Skin Screen performs a simple yet thorough skin analysis, which is accompanied by a score determined on the basis of dermatological evaluations and normalized to a 0-100 range. The Lancôme Beauty Advisor then explains the different results obtained for each skin concern and delivers truly personalized skincare advice in store by suggesting a tailor-made skin routine.

Tri-Polar Light Technology

Lancôme Skin Screen uses three different lighting modes for every angle. Each mode provides different optical insight into the particular skin concerns:

  • The white light allows for an objective evaluation of the key characteristics of the skin surface.

  • The cross-polarized white light filters out the specular surface reflections, thereby enhancing the visualization of sub-surface details like emerging brown spots and red areas.

  • The UV lighting mode makes it possible to analyze UV damage. It operates on the near ultraviolet (UVA) spectrum, using powerful strobes and a band-pass filter centered at 365 nm.

By ML Staf. Images courtesy of Lancôme


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