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Kosushi Launches New Kaisekio Makase Night & Takeout

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Located in Miami Beach’s affluent South of Fifth neighborhood, Kosushi is known for its authentic yet contemporary take on traditional Japanese cuisine created by Michelin Star Award-Winning Chef George Koshoji.

From São Paulo, Brazil to the heart of the South Pointe neighborhood, Kosushi Miami marks the first international location for the Brazilian brand. In Japanese, ko means turtle as well as the excellence of number one, which is a good omen for the symbol of happiness and longevity. For the past 30 years, Kosushi has offered visitors a unique culinary experience by blending tradition with distinctive techniques and bold flavors, earning the restaurant a Michelin Star in Brazil for the past five years.

In Miami, Kosushi has tapped Executive Chef Shoyo Iida to lead its first international location, where guests enjoy traditional Kosushi dishes alongside exclusive Asian fusion dishes created for the Miami location. The curated core menu, artfully designed by Chef Iida and his team, shines a spotlight on a variety of sushi and sashimi as well as hot and cold dishes, signature selections, and maki specials. Guests can also imbibe on a carefully crafted selection of cocktails incorporating Japanese spirits as well as a sophisticated sake menu and rare Japanese whiskey collection that all pair perfectly with Kosushi Miami’s fare.

Known for its freshness and high-quality ingredients combined with innovative creations, Kosushi Miami is launching a new weekly activation, Casa do Omakase on Wednesdays, as well as takeout offerings.

"At Kosushi Miami, we combine traditional Japanese dishes with contemporary techniques and Brazilian flavors, and what ties it all together is the integrity of the food," Chef Shoyo Iida said. "The Miami community has embraced our appreciation for the precision of cut, our unique spices, and the personalized service and experiences we provide our clientele.”

Every Wednesday, Kosushi Miami will host Casa do Omakase from 6PM to 12AM. This weekly omakase night is an entire restaurant dining experience in Kaiseki style, a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, where guests will enjoy a combination of dishes from Kosushi’s Michelin Starred Hot Kitchen and Sushi Bar menus. Guests will have the option of ordering either a 7 or 12-course Kaiseki tasting menu featuring a rotating selection of some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes. The Samurai Omakase ($95), is a delectable 7-course meal combining favorite hot kitchen and sushi bar selections; while the Ko Omakase ($145), is an indulgent 12-course tasting featuring the best of the best, including Bluefin O-Toro and Kobe Beef.

Omakase aficionados can upgrade their chef-driven experience with beverage pairings featuring Japanese spirits, sake, and Japanese micro Brews including the Samurai Beverage Pairing ($45), with Japanese micro-brewed beer, wine, and sake; or the Ko Omakase Beverage Pairing ($55), with Japanese whiskey, Japanese micro-brewed beer, wine, and sake. Additional Japanese libation specials include sake options such as SOTO Junmai Daiginjo 300ml ($35), Haktusuru Daiginjo 720ml ($65), and JOTO Junmai 1800ml ($125); and Japanese beer such as Hitachino Weekly Special ($8) and Hitachino White Ale 24oz. ($18). Japanese whiskey fans can imbibe in any of Kosushi’s 10 different quality offerings ranging from $9-$28, including Teitessa Single Grain 30yrs. ($28), Suntory Yamazaki 12yrs. ($24), Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt ($14), and more.

Sushi lovers who are looking to enjoy Kosushi at home can take advantage of the restaurant’s new takeout offerings. Available beginning at 5PM Tuesday through Sunday, guests can call in their order directly to the restaurant at 786.647.7272 for pickup. Takeout dishes include all of the Kosushi classics including hot and cold dishes such as Miso Seabass Skewers ($15), dem miso-marinated sea bass; Scallop Black Salt ($18), lemon infused oil, black salt; and King Crab Truffle ($38), truffle infused butter, pink salt; as well as signature sushi by the piece including Toro Foie ($18), foie gras, orange eel sauce; Dyo Ikura ($9), salmon, torched quail egg, ikura and truffle oil; Unagi Avo ($7), eel, avocado, masago and crispy seaweed; and Hamachi Garlic ($7), yellowtail, yuzu soy, ginger, scallions, red pepper and garlic chip. Those looking to indulge in take out can also order some of Kosushi’s maki specialty dishes including Toro ($24), pickled daikon radish, japanese herb; Shrimp Tempura ($12), cucumber, avocado and spicy creamy sauce; and the Kosushi King ($22), king crab, avocado and cucumber topped with tuna, yellowtail and salmon sashimi with yuzu soy, a hint of sesame oil, ginger, chives and sesame seeds.

Kosushi strikes a delicate balance between elevated food, intimate ambience and impeccable service all combined in a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind dining room. The restaurant’s thoughtfully designed interior was conceived by award-winning Brazilian architect Arthur Casas, whose imaginative, honeycomb-like wood structure dances across the ceiling and interior walls. Inspired by Japanese carpentry, specifically the art of joinery where wooden structures are created without the use of glue or metal supports, this impressive, hand-built structure is a piece of fine art. Adding to the visual balance and harmony is the organic shape of the sushi bar anchored in the center of the dining room as an integral focal point. Guests are welcome to take a seat at the sushi bar where they can watch the magic happen as Chef Iida and his team prepare Kosushi’s signature sushi dishes. Kosushi Miami’s overall design provides guests with a complete sensory experience rooted in Japanese culture, gastronomy and architecture, combined with a Brazilian touch through the furniture, fabric combinations and finishes.

Kosushi Miami is open Sundays from 12PM to 10PM and Tuesdays through Saturdays from 6PM to 12AM. Take-out is also available during daily operational hours for pick up and delivery through GrubHub and UberEats. For more information, visit or follow @kosushi_miami on Instagram.

More on Kosushi

In 1988, the businessman Carlos Augusto Carvalho and the talented sushiman George Koshoji, opened the doors of Kosushi in the Ipiranga neighborhood of São Paulo. Isolated from the few traditional Japanese restaurants that until then were concentrated in the Liberdade district, Kosushi soon fell into the taste of demanding food lovers, for the freshness and high-quality of its ingredients always combined with innovative creations. Throughout its 30 years of existence, Kosushi has established itself in the Itaim Bibi neighborhood, opened a new unit in Shopping Cidade Jardim and has won one of the most coveted stars in the world, Michelin Guide. Now Kosushi has embarked on a new journey with the opening of the first international house in Miami, Florida. For more info, visit or follow @kosushi_miami.

By ML Staff. Photo Credit: 52Chefs


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