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Kimpton Angler’s South Beach has re-launched its ‘Rescue-a-Reef” Excursion Experience

Kimpton Angler’s South Beach has re-launched its ‘Rescue-a-Reef” excursion to include an in-the-field off-shore experience with members of the Coral Restoration Lab and Rescue a Reef program at the University of Miami’s (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine, Atmospheric, and Earth Science.

Available to guests of Kimpton Angler’s, the half-day outing on Key Biscayne includes a private charter by Deco Divers to the hotel’s adopted Angler’s Reef site which the hotel works in partnership with UM to monitor and maintain. Also included are on-board beverages and snacks, and the option to ride-along, snorkel or dive at depths of approximately 25 feet.

Half-Day Outing Includes Visit to Angler’s Adopted Reef Accompanied by University of Miami Coral Reef Restoration Team

To learn about the important role coral reefs play in our oceans, guests can now have a team from the University of Miami Coral Restoration Lab join and provide an interactive on-board lesson on reef restoration and dive to the Angler’s reef site. Other add-ons include a chef-curated boxed lunch, and transfers to and from the nearby marina.

Ideal for families, friends and corporate teams seeking a shared learning adventure, Kimpton Angler’s curated reef rescue experience is available for groups of two to 10. Kimpton Angler’s front desk team will arrange the four-hour guided excursions which depart from South Beach Marina, conveniently located near the hotel.

Kimpton Angler’s Rescue-a-Reef excursion includes the charter with licensed captain and crew with rates starting at $1,495 (Mondays through Thursdays) and $1,995 (Fridays through Sundays). Pricing does not include equipment rentals; cost of dive partner (required if diving); taxes and gratuities; and interactive reef restoration experience with the University of Miami team ($200, with advance two-week notice required). Pricing for boxed lunches and transfers provided at time of booking. To learn more, or inquire about booking an excursion, visit

Kimpton Angler’s first teamed with UM Coral Restoration Lab and Rescue a Reef program in 2018 to assist in re-establishing the area’s coral reef population by adopting a coral reef site located at 25.659617° -80.097550° off the shores of Miami Beach. Now five years old, Angler’s Reef continues to thrive and grow under the care of the UM team despite impacts from recent weather events over the past year.

“Our heritage as a haven for true anglers ties us inextricably to the ocean that surrounds us while igniting a spirit of discovery,” said Fernando Rivera, General Manager, Kimpton Angler’s South Beach. “Our desire to make Angler’s a place of discovery for our guests drew us to join University of Miami as part of their citizen science effort and share this important work and the beauty of our oceans with our guests.”

With funding provided by Kimpton Angler’s South Beach, the Angler’s Reef restoration site was first populated over a two-month period beginning in February 2018 with 300 staghorn corals and two underwater “trees” installed at the nearby Key Biscayne underwater nursery. Each “tree” held approximately 120 coral fragments which helped to naturally propagate hundreds of additional fragments and restore the reef.

With each passing year, the planted coral at Angler’s Reef continues to grow with support from Kimpton Angler’s and regular maintenance and care provided by the University of Miami Coral Restoration team which makes annual visits to the site to replace and restore damaged coral as needed.

Hurricanes, above-normal heat patterns, pollution, and disease have caused the loss of coral reefs at an alarming rate. Restoring reef populations helps rebuild natural habitats for an abundance of marine organisms, while protecting coastlines and coastal communities from storm surge and flooding.

To learn more about Kimpton Angler’s Rescue a Reef experience, visit For more information or to book a stay at Kimpton Angler’s visit or call 866.729.8800.

In January 2015, Kimpton became part of the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) family of hotel brands. For more information, visit

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Kimpton Angler’s South Beach


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