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Kelly Wearstler Debuts Graphic Marble Works For Arca

ARCA, the global purveyor of the most exclusive natural stone, tiles and wood, presents an original collaboration with renowned designer Kelly Wearstler for Miami Art Week 2022. Wearstler is internationally recognized for her provocative concepts and expressive narratives, signature to her extensive body of work. Through an exploration of materiality, color and form, the NUDO Collection includes 16 pieces of furniture and 6 accessory pieces that convey themes of unity while exploring the beauty of natural stone.

(Four works from the 22-piece NUDO collection, Photography by Harper Smith)

Through a distinctive merger of nature, the human hand and technology, NUDO transforms marble into sculptural softness, inspired by the ancient craft of weaving and the simple beauty inherent in interconnected fibers. Wearstler’s knotted, rounded, and ribbed forms are amalgamated and materialized into uniquely scaled and functional designs with the help of ARCA’s state of the art craft and manufacturing techniques, and a mutual passion for natural stone.

"With these designs, I was deeply interested in exploring the possibility of creating a real softness through curvaceous shapes within the fortitude of marble. A nuanced and sensual interplay of suppleness and strength. The universal craft of weaving is rooted in ancient cultures from across the globe and each piece in NUDO pays homage to that history. Our presentation with ARCA is an expression of what binds us together as the world converges in Miami to celebrate art and design” - Kelly Wearstler.

Unique benches in circular and linear silhouettes, curvy chairs and benches, a sculptural console, a variety of side tables, voluptuous stools, and a series of small accessories such as a platter, a bowl, and various sized vases, are among the collection of pieces. The blocks from which the shapes were carved came from all over the world; materials include Verde Tikal, Pink Marble, White Beauty, Calcite Blue, Rainbow Onyx, and Rosso Verona from Asia, along with Fior di Bosco, Rojo Alicante, Rosa Valencia, Crema Marfil, and Amarillo Triana from Europe.

NUDO celebrates the allure of marble by meticulously honing the natural stone’s interlaced geometries to present a bold expression of unity through the formation of elaborate knot motifs. The pieces will be displayed from November 29 at ARCA Wynwood, and sold exclusively at the showroom, at and

“Presenting the debut collection from an industry titan like Kelly Wearstler at Art Basel is an important honor for us. There is a very special concept in the designs by Kelly. Were the objects made in other natural stones, it could seem simple, but with the power of marble, they become really extraordinary. It’s so incredible to see the uniqueness of marble first hand, where each block, and each supplemental creation, is truly different but equally stunning .” - José Fernández, CEO ARCA World Wide Inc.

NUDO will be on exhibition to the public at ARCA Wynwood, 260 NW 27th Street, Miami from Wednesday, November 30th in an immersive installation designed by Wearstler.

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of ARCA


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