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Kelly Dabbah Presents "Daddy's Issues" Art Show at SCOPE Miami Beach, Nov 29-Dec 4th

"Daddy's Issues" marks Kelly Dabbah's second showcase at SCOPE Art Show Miami Beach. From November 29 through December 4, 2022, Dabbah is showcasing an immersive experience with her large format mirror (49''x90'') and antique chair reupholstered with her own design.

SCOPE honors "its perpetual mission to provide a platform for innovative experiences and discovery ... welcoming exhibitors who showcase the new contemporary, a genre that makes an important contribution to both global politics and local community engagement." For this exhibition, Dabbah is represented by New York gallery Saphira & Ventura.

Kelly Dabbah's “Daddy’s Issues” art exhibition explores the relationship between the heart and the mind. The show is carefully curated and constructed imagined identifying the uninhibited soul exposing emotions such as rejection.

Kelly Dabbah is a Swiss Middle Eastern artist whose work explores gender, sexuality, identity and race, creating collages, prints, paintings and installations. Born in Geneva, she has lived in New York for more than seven years, building her career there. Her playful and bold esthetic reflects the social pressures of the female experience, dismantling and reinterpreting feminine tropes and symbolism. Balancing her Swiss minimalist training with her maximalist Middle Eastern roots, Dabbah remixes fragments of daily life and contextualizes them across a wide range of art objects, from furniture to fashion, including immersive experiences that take on a life of their own.

Her digital collages are printed layer by layer on mirrors, combining colorful photos of friends, her own paintings, and other found subjects. Dabbah's collages invite the viewer to redefine their relationship to our oversaturated and mediatized world

culture. Her Middle Eastern background and interest in the country's rich artistic tradition have influenced her maximalist approach to imagery and detail.

MORE ON Kelly Dabbah

With a degree in fashion design from Parsons School of Design and training with Chanel and Anna Sui, Dabbah moves beautifully between art, music, design and fashion. Dabbah has collaborated with musicians, restaurants and brands such as Anna Sui, Moleskin, Hampton Surf Company, YellowPop and Bala. She has created immersive experiences for the Gelareh Mizrahi Concept Store in the Miami Design District, ArtPark Miami and Showfields. With NTWRK, she launched her own skateboard and bucket hat line, created a video piece about racial violations that was featured on a billboard in Times Square, and more. Her collectors include musicians such as Anderson Paak, Grammy award-winning mixing engineer "MixedByAli" Derek Ali, Grammy award-winning musician ThunderCat, who has collaborated with Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, HER, Gorillaz and many others. Dabbah's upcoming collaborations include Sadowsky Guitars, Nothing New and Cami & Jax Swimsuits.


Yasmina Lyazidi Nasib | Kelly Dabbah |

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Kelly Dabbah


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