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Kelly Dabbah “Daddy’s Issues” Art Exhibition

“Daddy’s Issues” is Kelly Dabbah’s second art exhibit at the SCOPE Art Show Miami Beach. On view November 29 through December 4, 2022, Dabbah creates an immersive experience with her large-scale mirror (49’’x90’’) and an antique chair that she has reupholstered with her own design. The exhibition explores the relationship between the heart and the mind, showing the uninhibited soul revealing emotions such as rejection.

Kelly Dabbah is a Swiss Middle Eastern artist whose work explores gender, sexuality, identity and race, creating collages, prints, paintings and installations. Born in Geneva, she has lived in New York for more than seven years, building her career there. Her playful and bold aesthetic reflects the social pressures of the female experience, dismantling and reinterpreting feminine tropes and symbolism. Balancing her Swiss minimalist training with her maximalist Middle Eastern roots, Dabbah remixes fragments of daily life and contextualizes them across a wide range of art objects, from furniture to fashion, including immersive experiences that take on a life of their own.


November 29-December 4th


SCOPE Miami Beach

Lummus Park

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Kelly Dabbah


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