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Keeping Frizz at Bay in The Summer Heat

Updated: Apr 12

No matter how much you yearn for summertime,the heat and humidity can set the stage for your frizz to run wild and turn your tresses into a heap of shapeless hair.

In summer the hair seeks more moisture from the surrounding air,the reason the humidity causes the hair to swell and turn frizzy.

So how to control frizz when the humidity is at its peak? Here are some tips that are certain to help, keeping in mind your hairstyle and texture.

Apply gel with hairspray

When you apply hairspray and gel make sure you are choosing the right product for keeping frizz under control because the ones available today are not as heavy as they were way back in the 80s. 

Spread the gel throughout the hair before blow-drying it to smoothen and loosen your tresses.Then apply hairspray to render a flexible on the flowy style that will do wonders even in the most humid conditions.

Don't forget to add essential oils

Essential oils come in different types and can work well on frizzy hair if applying a coat to each strand of hair before setting foot outside.

This will prevent the extra moisture from getting in and a mid+day touch up is ideal for best results. Coconut or peppermint are some of the best oils to try.

Use a proper towelling technique

Towels may be unheard of for an anti-frizz routine,but the fact is that after a shower drying the hair completely is very important. Towel thoroughly to get rid of all the moisture in your hair,else it will get frizzy.

Most hairstyles, especially those with curly and coarse hair retain a lot of water,so thoroughly squeeze the moisture out with a towel as it will make a lot of difference to controlling damage and preventing frizz.

Avoid excess heat on your hair

While a blow dryer or any other heat tool is an essential part of a haircare kit,their use should be restricted to lessen damage to the hair.Though straighteners and similar tools help to seal the hair cuticles,their overuse will eventually dry out the hair and make it frizzy.

Instead, apply a heat protecting serum on the wet hair and let it dry out in the air before using a blow dryer. Keep the setting at minimum,in order to avoid damage.

Cover up

Use a hat or scarf to cover up your head when out in the open to give your hair added protection from UV damage. Covering up will also help to retain the moisture in your hair and protect it from potential damage caused by the elements.

When covering up use UV protection to help prevent sun damage, especially during the peak high heat hours between 11 am and 3 pm.

To sum up

By incorporating the above summer haircare tips to keep frizzy hair at bay, don't forget to eat a healthy and balanced diet and stay well hydrated to keep your skin and hair healthy in the hot weather.

In "Summer Hair Secrets," Zaroon Aziz shares quick and effective tips to tame frizz and keep your hair looking flawless despite the scorching summer heat. Say goodbye to unruly locks and hello to smooth, manageable hair all season long with Zaroon's expert advice.

By Zaroon Aziz.. Images courtesy of Freepik.


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