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Katia Designs: Empowering Spirits Through Spiritual Jewelry

Catherine ‘Katia’ Rudnick is the CEO and Founder of Katia Designs, a line of spiritual jewelry that focuses on uplifting messages and natural elements, inspiring wearers to connect with and embody their dreams and highest selves. Raised in Soviet Russia, Katia immigrated to the US in 1989 with her family. From a young age, she was surrounded by the spirit of artistry at home. Her mother inspired Katia with her eye and natural talent for design and craftsmanship, from sewing to crocheting and drawing, instilling in her daughter a lifelong love for imagination and creativity as well.

Founder & CEO, Katia Designs

As an adult, Katia and her husband moved to South Florida, and it was there she dedicated the majority of her time to raising their three daughters. As much as she adored her family, Katia harbored within her the dream to create something tangible of her own. This vision grew and expanded as she discovered her yoga practice in her 40s. For Katia, yoga was more than exercise — it became a true moving meditation that connected her with inner inspiration and sparked creative expression.

Not being much of a jewelry wearer herself, Katia was surprised when a medallion bracelet worn by a fellow yogi caught her eye. The immediate draw to the boldness of the piece caught her off guard but she took it as a sign that this strong attraction should not be ignored but followed. It was more than just the design of the bracelet that inspired Katia; it was her desire to recreate the same feeling for others. Jewelry had never been more than just jewelry, but in that moment, it became so much more. It became a feeling. The same day, she drove to a local art school and signed up for a metal clay class. It was in this studio that she created the first prototypes for her medallions and the journey to Katia Designs began.

When she set out to create the brand, Katia’s objective was to create more than pretty accessories. She understood the power of setting intentions and the opportunity that wearing jewelry held to support and embody them. She envisioned creating a line that would serve as a vehicle to empower women to awaken to their innate gifts, follow their hearts and feel their best in the present moment. Katia began attending local pop-ups and trunk shows, where she connected with like-minded women who resonated with her messages and shared feeling an incredible energy while wearing the jewelry.

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left to right - You Do You | Sunflower | Original Necklace; I Am | Evil Eye | Long Chain; Warrior | Sun | Choker

By living in pursuit of her dream with a mission-driven approach to help other women seek out and achieve what fulfills and lights them up most, Katia Designs has experienced great success and lightning-speed growth. Over forty percent of Katia Designs wearers become repeat customers, and the brand has experienced 7x growth in just one year’s time. In 2021, Katia was operating and making the products by hand from her home garage. Today, they have an incredible team working for Katia Designs from their offices in Boca Raton. In 2022, Katia was granted a patent for her customizable necklace system and method, which features a clasp system that allows you to wear the necklace at numerous different lengths, helping to redefine and revolutionize the jewelry industry.

Katia is inspired every day to create and expand the line, primarily due to the thousands of five-star reviews and personal notes she has received from customers, thanking her, and sharing how wearing the jewelry has helped them find a light in the darkness, and rediscover their purpose. She envisions building Katia Designs into the category creator and leader of inspirational handmade jewelry, available around the world that empowers, inspires, and connects women on a global scale.

In her limited free time, Katia enjoys hot yoga, meditation, and spending time with her family. She is careful to always find a quiet moment for herself when she feels she needs it and does not make any decisions from a place of resentment or judgment. In this way, she embodies the very essence of the line – bringing value to the world whenever possible through a kind heart and intentional, compassionate mind.

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By ML Staff. Images by Andrea Blakesberg


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