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K'Alma Spa Offers Exclusive Treatments During Miami Spa Month

K’Alma Spas is thrilled to announce its participation in Miami Spa Month. The spa is located inside the Hotel Victor, located on Ocean Drive in the heart of Miami Beach’s historic Art Deco District. As the brand’s flagship location, and the only full-service spa on Ocean Drive, K’Alma Spa is also the first spa in Miami to incorporate authentic Peruvian crystal healing therapies, offering hotel guests and visitors alike a peaceful respite from the business of daily life. K’Alma Spas Founder Marizza Contreras draws from her Peruvian roots to bring holistic and natural healing practices still honored today by the locale’s Q’ero (Inca) spiritual healers.

The K'Alma Spa at the Hotel Victor has a full menu of very unique treatments for Miami Spa Month. . This menu was created specifically for Spa Month and is very untraditional - not like other spa month menus where you just get a massage. Highlights include:

Pisco Sour with Sound Healing:

Peru's favorite treat is deconstructed to release the healing of its ingredients for a unique treatment that nourishes the skin. Sugar infused cinnamon, lemon and Pisco scrub's away impurities. Combining this treatment with sound healing will give your skin a different vibration. All of the ingredients are from Peru, totally edible and are made onsite.

Quinoa Facial:

Quinoa, totally edible, is used in this treatment. This is a deep-cleansing facial with a homemade scrub that you can eat! Rich in vitamins, helps treat age spots, reduces fine lines and increases skin elasticity.

Kasha Marka:

The scientific benefits of this transfer of precious metal combined with a signature ritual. While the body is absorbing the potent anti-aging properties of a golden algae wrap, a gold facial mask transfers its glow. Skin boosted with collagen production and cell renewal.

All treatments include the following:

  • Each Spa Month treatment includes a guided meditation with facial massage with crystals.

  • The facial is in partnership with Knesco Masks which have collagen.

  • There will be a crystal healer named Francesca Padron who will lead a special meditation with crystals. She will use Rose quartz, diamond, gold with reiki properties in the mask

  • Guests arrive and get a smudge session with sage and essential oils

  • Walk down the chakra pathway and get to choose a crystal to sit under and channel its energy while getting a foot soak. Each crystal means something different.

The spa’s dedication to crystal healing is immediately evident upon entering, where just beyond the foyer’s living green archway lies the Chakra Pathway, a hallway adorned with seven crystal sculptures representing each of the seven chakras. Bea Pila of B. Pila Design Studio and author of Sacred Spaces for Inspired Living is responsible for the interior design, bringing diverse healing concepts together in a harmonious way through her theory of Design Enlightenment. The spa’s zen aesthetic is complemented by a signature scent diffused throughout the spa that is made from a combination of rose turmeric, frankincense and eucalyptus.

No detail has been spared in the conceptualization of K’Alma Spa, with only the best of spiritual and holistic ingredients offered. At all times, the spa has two shamans on staff, as well as massage therapists, aestheticians and traditional spa and wellness staff, who have all worked closely with Contreras to gain an understanding of traditional Peruvian healing practices. Upon departure, guests are asked to write down a thought they want to release on a piece of paper and place it in a community bowl. These messages are then burnt in a ritual fire conducted by Contreras and a shaman at the end of every month.

K’Alma Spa features six treatment rooms, including couples and hydrotherapy suites, with each room themed according to the healing powers of six crystals historically collected by healers in Peru: Alabaster, Amethyst, Chrysocolla, Clear Quartz, Labradorite, Tektite and Opal. Treatments—which use only Alkaline water—have been designed to nourish, relax and energize. - Images by K'Alma Spa


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