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Journey of Awakening: A Conversation with Peter and Roxanne Heibloem

Meet Peter and Roxanne Heibloem, the dynamic Australian duo who have carved out a remarkable path as today’s most sought-after healers, teachers, and consciousness coaches. Their journey took an unexpected turn in 2019 when they embarked on a transformative Ayahuasca ceremony in Costa Rica. This profound experience sparked a great awakening, leading them to sell their successful insurance business and embark on a new mission as full-time healers and life coaches. Thus, Awakening Education was born, offering personalized guidance to individuals seeking to elevate their vibrational frequency and unlock their fullest potential. As they continued to evolve, Peter and Roxanne felt compelled to bridge the gap between earth, humanity, and galactic consciousness, leading to their ventures in filmmaking. Their productions, including "Portal to the Pleiadians" and "Ayahuasca - Source for the Soul," have garnered acclaim for their exploration of ancient healing modalities and spiritual connections.  In this exclusive interview with Miami Living Magazine, Peter and Roxanne share insights into their journey, their groundbreaking work, and the profound messages behind their films.

Miami Living (ML): Thanks for joining us today Peter and Roxanne.  Your life story reads quite the fascinating one; we are so excited to know more!  Let’s start off with your journey into consciousness and healing taking a profound turn after experiencing an Ayahuasca ceremony in Costa Rica. Can you share more about the awakening you experienced and how it inspired your transition into full-time healers and life coaches?


Peter & Roxanne: Thank you for having us, we are so happy to share our awakening story to help inspire others. We were very deeply in a sleepy slumber in the matrix... Everything was about growing our business, and following our ego desires. One day in 2018, we felt a change in our system which was the start of our awakening to higher consciousness and the bigger picture of life. 


We were running our own Insurance Brokerage Business, with staff and a baby room at the office, juggling it all!! In 2018 we started feeling there was more to life than the Monday to Friday, 9 - 5, and we decided to sell our insurance brokerage and see what else was installed for us.After selling the business, we felt drawn to heal and elevate our consciousness via the healing modality Ayahuasca. We went to Costa Rica and sat with the plant medicine mother Ayahuasca. We were able to start healing our heart, merging back with our soul and really figuring out why we were on this planet. On the plane on the way home from this trip, we started communicating with higher dimensional beings, and received many downloads of our next chapter, and this was when our business Awakening Education was born. 


We continued to work on our vibration and clear our distorted energy in our field from this lifetime, along with integrating past lifetime emotional injuries, and started to then elevate our consciousness enough to be a guide for others. We found our connection to source and our higher self was strong, and this enabled us to have a good connection to remote view and help heal people in distant energy healing. 


ML: Your conscious business project - Awakening Education - which stemmed from this Ayahuasca experience aforementioned seems to focus on helping individuals raise their vibrational frequency. How do you approach this process in your one-on-one sessions?


Peter & Roxanne: We use the portal of Zoom to connect with people from all over the world. We generally work with people one-on-one in longer coaching programs tailored to their needs. Most people are having negative laws of attraction, events occurring in their life, which leads to being triggered, and emotions coming up day to day. We help tune in to help people understand the root causal emotion and where this energy flow started. Once that occurs, we believe that people have to "feel it, to heal it", and then let the frequency go out of their system. Once this occurs the person will learn the lesson, learn why their law of attraction was creating a negative feeling in the first place, and then they elevate to a higher vibration and attract what they do want in their life, instead of what they don't want. Everything is energy, and when we start to free the negative shadow energy, and acknowledge these false beliefs and energy patterns within us, we truly do feel inner peace, love and start to really enjoy our time here on the planet.


We also teach group classes to help activate people’s inner gifts and abilities. We all have so many amazing gifts that we haven't been taught. Our soul is so much more powerful than we give credit for, so we are helping people activate their DNA, raise their vibration and become supernatural which in a sense is a multi-dimensional being. Most people on the planet are walking around not even aware that they have a soul and are lost in a sleepy slumber of the 3D matrix. To awaken, we see a light being turned on, and the soul remembers who they are. We help guide people to discover this and find their way home.


ML: Your work as consciousness coaches involves helping others live more consciously. Could you share some practical tips or strategies you often teach to individuals seeking to enhance their awareness and lead a more mindful life?


Peter & Roxanne: We are so passionate about elevating our consciousness and raising our vibration that it has become a love in our daily life. We really feel that people will have an awakening naturally when their soul desires that experience. It's like allowing a flower to bloom in its divine time, as you can't force this. So when people see us we are the light... That is it... they will feel the vibration... So the goal for lightworkers is to focus on raising their vibration and have fun in this human experience along the way. We go through our life now being a light bearer, showing ourselves on social media doing different things such as ice baths, ayahuasca journeys, breathwork, meditation and being a kind human. We share how people can be the light and that is just being "kind" at every interaction in everyday life. Being kind to the person at the gas station, or the supermarket checkout, smiling at people as you pass in the streets. That's what a light bearer is. That's the role. To be in the matrix, but not of it. Allowing others to have their experience without judging that. Allowing flow in life, rather than force. 

ML: "Creative flow" is often elusive for many. Can you explain the concept of harnessing the alpha state of the brain and its significance in our daily lives?


Peter & Roxanne: Being in the alpha state takes practice and awareness. Most people are operating in the beta state, where the brain hemispheres and rhythms are not firing together. We call this scatterbrain, or foggy brain. The focus is not accurate. When we learn how to move our brain into the alpha level we are moving our brain rhythms into sync. We are creating in this state, we might play a game of basketball and be on fire in this state as we are in the "zone". When we connect to the alpha level of the brain we are then tapping into heart / brain coherence which is vital for elevation of consciousness. 


ML: Your TV production, "Portal to the Pleiadians," explores your telepathic communication with extraterrestrial beings. What motivated you to share this experience, and what do you hope viewers take away from it?


Peter & Roxanne: We didn't plan on being that couple that spoke about ETs lol... In fact when we had our awakening together, we were questioning if it was even real?! We were really deep in the matrix and never really thought about anything outside of this earth! 


Our higher self or soul knew exactly what was happening however! So we just decided to let go and follow the excitement of it all, blindfolded. We had a few old friends not invite us to BBQ's and catch ups anymore, as we were the weird awakened couple talking to ETs! Lol. But we knew it was real. The information and downloads that were happening were on point, and we were helping people heal. We started channeling their life and that being confirmed by the client on the call was just crazy! So we really started to expand our awareness interdimensionally and wanted to share that. The Pleiadians helped guide us to create the tv series Portal to the Pleiadians to help others learn.... and we consider ourselves quite normal, or normal looking so our message was received by not only the spiritual awakening community but by mainstream people worldwide. So that was good.


Portal to the Pleiadians helps people understand that it is okay to connect to higher dimensional beings, they are our big brothers and sisters of this universe. They are here to help guide humanity into the age of love and to remind us that there is more in this life to look forward to and be fulfilled by...


ML: Can you share some of your go-to wellness routines and elaborate on how to to maintain a high vibrational frequency?


Peter & Roxanne: We love raising our vibration because every level we get to feels so good! So that's why we love it! We have so much clarity and our gifts and abilities keep getting better and better. So, day to day we love going to the gym and eating a highly conscious diet. So fruits and vegetables. We focus on meditating daily and gratitude. We basically now move through life as a walking meditation! We are aware of our law of attraction and what it is bringing us, and that’s a big one. That is showing us how we are progressing on the path of enlightenment and any patterns to correct and complete. We are being led by the daily energy and what is in our reality. So we go on the synchronicities which is the most validating modality of them all... So alongside that we only listen to self-improvement videos and podcasts. We love to get into nature with our two boys, surfing, or visiting the waterfalls near us. These types of daily habits help us maintain a balanced energy field and keep our vibration in a natural, grounded and humble way.


It’s our goal that every year we sit with the plant medicine, ayahuasca. It's important for us to go into a ceremony and surrender. Our ego is a sneaky thing, so when we sit with the medicine it helps to strip the ego self away and helps us to return to our true authentic self. The medicine journey also helps you to let go and realize you are not in control. The universe is in control... so most people don't want to give up control. However, that’s where the growth is. 

ML: Balancing family life with your professional endeavors can be challenging. How do you prioritize self-care and maintain harmony within your blended family with two young boys?


Peter & Roxanne: We allow the energy to support us. We trust that everything will flow. When we think too much about it, we are generally coming from our head. So when we move into trust, our heart leads. The heart is a powerful force, much stronger than any other energy center in our body. So when the heart is open, easy life becomes yours. It's been hard to get to this point, a lot of healing, a lot of tears and working it out. But we are here to help others learn that we have survived it and so can they! There is light at the end of the tunnel and always remember to never give up. Everything happening in your life is perfect. So allow the universal energy to do the heavy lifting and sit in the back seat of the car and allow the energy source to move you and move through you. 


ML: As you continue to evolve on your journey, what future projects or endeavors are you excited to explore?


Peter & Roxanne: We want to help others feel inspired and motivated by our journey. Letting others learn that we are a normal mum and dad team with a blended family, very regular just like them. They can elevate their consciousness and raise their vibration. They are loved and cared for. Most people have forgotten they are a soul having a human experience. So the goal is to create more and more productions to help bring awareness globally... and right now that is through videos and movies.


We want to see the planet return to love, where there are no wars and distortions of lack of and injustice or corruption. We are here to ensure the planet and the souls upon the planet evolve. There is no rush, but we want to see earth thrive and help bridge the gap between our world and galactic worlds in due time, and what a show it will be! Thank you for having us!

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Havana Haus


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