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Josh Plasse: From Golden Gloves to Hollywood Dreams

Miami Living Magazine is thrilled to present an exclusive interview with the multi-talented Josh Plasse, a Virginia-born actor, boxer, writer, and producer whose journey from the East Coast to Hollywood exemplifies the pursuit of passion and purpose. With a background as the son of a former US Navy Seal and a 2012 Golden Gloves champion, Plasse's diverse skill set extends beyond the screen, marked by his dedication to storytelling and filmmaking. From his breakout roles in hit series like "Grey's Anatomy" and "iCarly" to his recent ventures as a producer and lead actor in feature films, Plasse's impact resonates both on and off the set. Amidst his bustling career, Plasse's commitment to meaningful initiatives like 'Operation 22' highlights his poignant dedication to making a difference in the world. Join us as we delve into the life and aspirations of this dynamic entertainer.

Miami Living (ML): Hey Josh, thank you so much for being here with us today!   Your journey from Virginia to Hollywood and your diverse range of roles is impressive. Can you share some highlights from your career so far and what drives your passion for acting and storytelling?

Josh: Oh my, tough to choose just a few! But I'd have to say some of my highlights are definitely the sheer locations I've been able to travel to for film. I was just in Seoul, South Korea for a few months and that was a life-changing experience in all of the best ways. I've been fortunate to film in over 10 different states, and even three continents! So I think the travel alone has been one of the major highlights. That and the incredibly talented people I've been fortunate enough to work with. 

As far as what drives me, I always go back to my "why." For me, I want to create a platform from which I can hopefully spark change in the world... that helps me get through the toughest times (which this industry will inevitably present). If you're chasing your dreams because of fame or fortune, it's simply never going to work out. 

ML: We're excited to hear about your role as Luke Baxter in "The Baxters”, the Amazon Prime series based on Karen Kingsbury's best-selling novels which explore themes of family, faith, and life's challenges. Can you tell us more about your role as Luke and what aspects of his character resonate the most with you?

Josh: Luke was such a fun character... and I think a lot of viewers are resonating with him (either that or they're just trying to make me feel good about my performance, hah)! Luke grows up in a small town with relatively little in the way of challenges until a close friend dies in a school shooting, which makes him not only question why God would allow something like that but also spirals him down a rabbit hole of darkness he'll eventually have to climb himself out of. That really drew me to the part, as I find a lot of religious shows are too one-note and tend to avoid the reality of life's struggles, even for people of faith. 

ML:  With over 50 episodes of network television under your belt, what draws you to a particular project and do you have a favorite character that you’ve embodied thus far?

Josh: I'd say the script is always first, followed by who is involved as far as projects go. I'm always trying to level up and work with filmmakers at the next "tier" if you will. Usually, these are directors or producers I've admired for a long time, and not surprisingly, those are usually the projects with the best stories & scripts, hah! As for characters, I look for someone deeply human who will force me to grow in my own life... I love the psychological elements of having to pull pieces from ourselves we've long buried... or even having to go out and discover new parts of yourself to bring a certain character to life. So for me, I essentially look for the most challenging characters I can learn and grow from. 

ML: Transitioning from Virginia to Hollywood with only five months of acting experience is quite the leap of faith! What advice would you give to aspiring actors looking to make a similar move in pursuing their dreams in the industry?

Josh: I would say to plan on a marathon and not a sprint. No matter who you are or how good you may be, this career simply takes immense amounts of time. Even if something does click fast, it could end up having worse results if you aren’t ready for the fruits of your labor, or if your performance doesn’t propel your career forward. So I’d say you just have to dig in and create the strongest foundation you can for the long haul… because it’s simply going to take time. There’s no getting around it. Secondly, I would say to make sure your “why” is authentic and undeniable. Because this industry is just too hard if it isn’t. If you’re out here to be famous or get rich, you’ll end up quitting eventually. Chase your art and dreams with a real love for the process of creating the art itself… 

ML: As a producer on several feature films and a military documentary, what inspired you to delve into filmmaking beyond acting?

Josh: I've always been a storyteller even since I was a kid, I just did it in many different ways and mediums. I used to draw and narrate my own comic books when I was younger, so I think in some ways that passion has always been with me. Once I changed my major to film studies and screenwriting I really dove into that world and sort of never looked back. Once I started booking more and more acting jobs, I started to realize how little control we as performers have even at high levels, and ultimately, I wanted to ensure I could not only keep working but keep creating and telling the stories that I personally feel are important to the world! That led to my passion for producing. 

ML: Your charitable endeavor, "Operation 22," is such a powerful initiative to raise awareness about military suicide. What inspired you to embark on this campaign, and can you share some of the most memorable moments or impacts it has had on you?

Josh: I have lost a few friends to suicide, and have been around the military community my entire life… one day I simply felt called and compelled to finally do something about it. One of my mentors had done a lot of work with a group called “Stop Soldier Suicide” so I looked into them and quickly fell in love with what they were doing for our nation’s veterans. That was definitely the inspiration. As far as memorable moments, I'd have to say the interviews themselves. We stopped and spoke with multiple survivor families who've lost their loved ones to suicide, and hearing their stories was simply unforgettable... it changed me forever. 

ML: With your wide array of athletic interests, what is your favorite physical exercise of the moment and how do you balance these pursuits with your demanding career in the entertainment industry?

Josh: I have recently fallen in love with grappling. I grew up boxing (and actually won Golden Gloves in 2012), but I never grappled much in High School. I can't recommend a better workout, and it obviously helps with your overall confidence and athleticism. Get out and hit the mats! :) While this isn't great for keeping your face clear of bruises for the camera, it's definitely better than boxing and it keeps me lean in a way no other sport has. It's also the most effective tool for stunt work in film, which I've also recently taken a liking to. 

ML: Looking ahead, what are your aspirations for the future of your career in the entertainment industry? Are there any particular roles or projects you're eager to explore?

Josh: Ultimately, my aspirations are to simply be a working actor who also runs a successful production company. My goal is to create art that impacts and hopefully changes the world… I’ve got my debut novel releasing early next year, so my 2024 will see a lot of time and effort toward that release, otherwise I’ll simply be acting and fighting toward that “life-changing” part I know is out there! My films will continue to work toward those same goals, aiming to impact the world for the better… I have a film based on my experience from OP22 that is currently in development, so I'd say keep a big eye out for that one! 

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By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Sheri Angeles


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