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Italy’s Bikinilista Joins the U.S. Luxury Swimwear Market at Miami Swim Week

Updated: May 12, 2023

Bikinilista debuted a stunning new luxury swimwear collection at Miami Swim week™ The Shows this Summer at the SLS Hotel South Beach in front of hundreds of fashionistas, influencers, fashion media and luxury fashion insiders.

This marks the brand’s initial foray into the U.S. luxury swimwear fashion market, now making their modern Italian swimwear available in over 90 countries. Bikinilista is a brand that radiates in its youthful and vibrant demeanor, while also capturing the luxurious beach lifestyle of summer. The global luxury brand’s rich swim and resort wear collection features diverse forms, uber chic colorways that are sure to adorn the finest beaches from the Hamptons and Palm Beach to Mallorca and Monaco.

Luxury at Bikinilista is defined by the brand’s meticulous attention to detail, precision-cut style offerings, curated fabrics, and the creative genius dedicated by in-house designers to produce innovative swimwear fashion for the discerning woman of today. Designed especially for global fashionistas, Bikinilista brings together a gamut of swim silhouettes, resort wear and lifestyle accessories, like chic sunglasses.

“The Swimwear market is exploding and we’re excited to be in the U.S. luxury swimwear market at this very moment, fresh off the heels of our Miami Swim Week runway fashion debut,” said Soheil Hosseini, founder and partner of Bikinilista.

With the resurgence of leisure travel, health and wellness in a post-pandemic world, luxury swimwear is continuing to flourish.

Our new collection of luxury swimwear contours the female body perfectly, offering the best fit and comfort,” Hosseini said.

Bikinilista was designed with the goal of supporting every woman to feel beautiful and confident. The brand has built a reputation for offering a seamless, well-designed customer journey that makes shopping effortless no matter from which region they’re shopping.

Bikinilista redefined the luxury swimwear category by integrating Swarovski crystals into numerous pieces and developed dynamic pieces wearable beyond the pool or beach setting – from rooftop cocktail parties to sunning on the beach, Bikinilista makes reusing swimwear feasible and sustainable for all.

Faisal Wahid, the co-founder of Bikinilista, adds, ”With the rise of leisure travel worldwide and the growing affluence in the Asia Pacific, the U.S. and Japan, and the onset of summer, we’re thrilled to grow the Bikinilista fashion brand worldwide and offer beautiful yet comfortable fashion to millions of women.”

Bikinilista has developed a reputation in the global fashion industry for creating swimwear that is equally empowering, inclusive, and liberating.

“We believe it is essential to invest in beautiful fabrics, design and contouring to provide a premium, luxurious swimwear brand. Our pursuit is to constantly develop beautiful swimwear that enhances every woman’s confidence while emboldening them with positivity and self-love,” Wahid touts.

Bikinilista currently offers well over 100 bikini styles and looks across six unique categories to ensure an expansive variety of swimwear designs. In addition, the brand offers four different sizes including an uber-luxe range for the ‘hard to please.’

Bikinilista is currently working toward the brand's environmental business mission of offering 100 percent recycled sustainable swimwear products by 2025 in an effort to ensure a minimal carbon footprint.

By ML Staff. Images Courtesy of Bikinlista


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