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Istituto Marangoni Milan Celebrates First Annual Student Fashion Show: Metamorfosi

Istituto Marangoni Miami (IMM), the Miami School of Fashion and Design in the heart of its vibrant Design District, proudly hosted its first annual student fashion show, 'Metamorfosi'. This captivating event showcased the evolution and growth of its talented graduating students. This milestone event marks a significant step in Miami's journey toward becoming an internationally recognized center of fashion and design.


The theme 'Metamorfosi' aptly reflects the transformation of IMM students as they transition from the academic environment to the global fashion stage, embodying the shift from potential to professional realization. This evolution is not only a personal journey for each student but also a critical development in the maturation of Miami as a hub for design and creativity.


"The show is very eclectic," commented Mario Braghieri, Program Leader for the fashion design program at IMM. The collections presented during the event were as diverse as the student body, featuring various styles that speak to the college's multicultural makeup. Each piece that graced the open-air runway told a unique story of innovation and personal growth, set against the backdrop of Miami’s inspiring design landscape.

Hakan Baykam, President and CEO of Istituto Marangoni Miami, expressed his pride in the institution's role in nurturing the next generation of fashion talent. "At Istituto Marangoni Miami, we take pride in nurturing the metamorphosis of the next generation of fashion innovators and creatives," said Baykam. "This transformation is the driving force in building careers and shaping the future of fashion in Miami. Together, we are propelling our city into a global fashion hub.”


'Metamorfosi' not only celebrated the evolution of fashion but also highlighted the college's commitment to inclusivity and empowerment. By fostering a diverse and supportive community, IMM ensures that every voice, style, and perspective enriches the fabric of the fashion industry.


20 IMM Students Presented 62 Looks:

Anabel Montiel - 6 looks, Camila Francine Balleste - 5 looks, Chenqi Jiang - 4 looks, Daniel Uribe - 4 looks, Fabiana Polito - 2 looks, Ilayda Polat - 4 looks, Jancarlos Cruz - 3 looks, Julianna Suplicki - 2 looks, Karla Urdaneta - 4 looks, Michael Acierno - 4 looks, Paloma Racca - 2 looks, Paula Alduncin - 2 looks, Rene Mejia - 4 looks, Ryan Hamilton - 3 looks, Sofia Lemann - 5 looks, Taneika Gibson - 1 look, Vanessa Lugbeit - 1 look, Veronica Espinosa - 4 looks, Veronica Lam - 1 look, and Victoria Sarmiento - 1 look


Hair and Makeup Provided by New York Makeup Academy


More Istituto Marangoni Miami:

Istituto Marangoni Miami is profoundly impacting the city it now calls home, laying the foundations to position Miami as a strong global fashion hub. Originally established in Milan and with campuses worldwide, IMM nurtures the next generation of designers and industry creatives by mixing its Italian ethos, rooted in the constant pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship, with the dynamic environment Miami can offer, with talents joining the school's faculty and student body from all over the globe. Guided by distinguished instructors who are active fashion industry members, students are encouraged to explore their creative and entrepreneurial paths, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and collaboration.


By ML Staff.  Image by Istituto Marangoni Milan


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