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Introducing the Gucci Tennis Collection

The House proudly presents the Gucci Tennis special collection, inspired by 1970s archival designs. After a preview in Paris, the collection is now available globally, featuring tennis players Emma Cohen and George Loffhagen in a new campaign.

Blending tradition with modernity, this collection honors Gucci’s long history with tennis, inspired by its 1970s archives. Highlights include sleek dresses, sophisticated polos, and matching sets for men and women, alongside accessories like caps, wristbands, and leather items. Key pieces feature a white-on-white GG monogram and Web stripe details, including duffle bags, racquet bags, and the iconic Tennis 1977 sneakers.

The Web stripe, a signature of Gucci, ties the collection together, celebrating the brand's enduring legacy. The Gucci Tennis collection is now available at select global stores and online at

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Gucci.


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