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Introducing Percezioni – Poliform's NewOutdoor Collection

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Percezioni is the new Poliform project inspired by reflections on the meaning of design and man’s relationship with nature: it is an installation dedicated to the senses to celebrate the simplicity of the material.

The cloisters of San Simpliciano, a secret hidden corner in the Brera district in Milan city center, have been the exclusive setting hosting the collection, creating a meditative space.

While architecture determines the boundaries and meanings of our lives within domestic spaces and collective places, nature does the very same thing when we are outside, where the horizon is the landscape, and our perceptions are magnified: light is brighter and darkness, like the smells, noises, and sensations on our skin, is more intense.

Here, Poliform blends old and new, artistic expression and natural presence to create an extraordinary effect. This combination has also reflected in the sound: the echo of the lapilli under our footsteps, other sounds, and music amplifies our self-perception.

Percezioni will be open to the public during Milan Design Week.

Poliform Miami

Poliform Miami

4100 NE 2nd Avenue

Suite 101 - 102

Miami, FL 33137

(305) 573-9950

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By Miami Living, images courtesy of Poliform


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