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Inspiring Artist Shaun Nowrouzi Crafts Captivating Sculpture Gardens for Luxury Homes and Mansions

Shaun Nowrouzi is an accomplished general contractor who has created a buzz around his creative and imaginative artwork, which will be on display in an exclusive exhibit in January. 

Shaun’s artwork showcases the dynamic essence of an exciting garden he envisions for luxury residences and public spaces in South Florida. He has been called a “gifted artist” by admirers of his work, which features inspired silhouettes of ballerinas and dancers, as well as abstract pieces and more. 

Shaun designs ensemble pieces and manufactures them using aluminum and other metals to create his artwork. From the pedestals to the engineering of the display environment and the lush landscaping that frames them, he incorporates shapes and forms that complement the surrounding landscape and hardscape.

Miami Living Magazine interviewed Shaun about his vision for this article:

ML: Why are sculpture gardens a focus for your art?

Shaun: The integration of art and nature has been a constant source of joy and inspiration for me.

ML: From where do you draw inspiration?

Shaun: My love for creating and expressing myself through various artistic mediums became stronger as I traveled the world. As my fascination with sculpture grew, I became increasingly drawn to abstract artwork, which ignited a fire within me that led me to experiment with metal objects to create my sculptures.

ML: How has construction impacted your work? 

Shaun: My background as a builder has played a significant role in my artistic approach. I work with the same metalworkers and welders that I know from construction and I can create my own garden environment by incorporating landscaping and lighting, and do the installation, as well. Now, I proudly refer to this new phase in my life as my `Second Act,’ in which I am truly excited to embrace my passion for creating works of art.

ML: How far back does this love of art go?

Shaun: Since my early childhood, I have been fascinated with assembling objects and my dream was to become an artist. However, life had other plans for me, eventually leading me to carve a career in construction in South Florida, which spanned over four decades. Being a general contractor brought me immense satisfaction and was a rewarding experience. I successfully built my own brand with a substantial list of clients. After some soul searching, I knew I could no longer ignore the artist within me. Driven by an unwavering passion for abstract sculpture, I made a pivotal choice to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming an artist.

ML: Where do your ideas come from?

Shaun: The creative idea begins with conceptualization, where I envision the form and the essence of each work of art. Designing metal sculptures is a meticulous and imaginative process that combines artistic vision with technical expertise. 

ML: How does the concept translate into the materials you choose?

Shaun: The initial phase involves sketching and experimenting with various shapes and dimensions to find the perfect balance and composition. Selecting the material, whether aluminum or other metals, is crucial, given that each metal offers unique shapes and characteristics. Once the design has taken shape and is finalized, I dive into the fabrication phase, skillfully using welding and metalworking techniques to infuse life into each piece with vibrant colors.

ML: What do you hope your sculpture gardens will inspire?

Shaun: Throughout this creative process, I face challenges regarding scale, weight distribution and structural integrity, while attempting to evoke emotions and provoke thoughts from each finished piece. Hopefully, the result is a captivating sculpture that transcends its physical nature and connects with the audience on a profound level.

ML: How does creating art in nature contribute to a better quality of life?

Shaun: I take pride in creating my garden of sculptures to blend seamlessly with nature, incorporating shapes and forms that harmoniously complement the surrounding landscape and hardscape as a backdrop. Amidst the beauty of

nature, each piece comes to life, offering an enhanced experience to all who encounter it.

Shaun’s artistic venture is indeed one of excitement. At present, he has been commissioned to create several art pieces and is actively and enthusiastically involved in an exciting public art project.

To contact Shaun, email

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Shaun Nowrouzi


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