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Inaugural Greyhound Pride Scholarship Awarded to Local High School Student

Emmanuella Coupet, a senior at Lincoln Park Academy High School (“LPA”), has been awarded the Greyhound Pride Scholarship in the amount of $2,500. Coupet is the first recipient of the scholarship which will be awarded to qualified LPA graduates on an annual basis.

Created by 3 alumni of LPA: Natasha Harrison, Summer Barnes, and Serena Spates, the scholarship opportunity is offered to black female LPA seniors who exhibit exemplary academics, community service, and other achievements.

Natasha Harrison, Greyhound Pride co-founder says, “We are all proud LPA Alumni and, while we knew there may be some pushback regarding the criteria for our Greyhound Pride Scholarship applicants, we recognized a specific area of need and decided there is nothing wrong with us focusing on a group we feel is underrepresented and/or that we can directly relate to.”

Created with the belief that success comes in many forms, the scholarship can be used towards tuition for a 4-year university, community college, trade/technical school or even to start a business.

“Today there are so many more paths to success available to high school students after graduation and we wanted to provide a scholarship that would offer financial support to an exemplary student in whichever path they decide to take.” says Serena Spates, Greyhound Pride co-founder.

Coupet, who carries a 5.1 weighted GPA, will use the scholarship to continue her education this Fall at the University of Central Florida. “I am a first-generation Haitian American and the first of my family to go to a four-year university. I aspire to continue my education to earn a graduate degree in biomedical sciences and work in either pharmaceutical manufacturing or medical research. This scholarship will be used to ease some of the financial strain of paying my way through college,” says Coupet.

Coupet, selected over several applicants, also serves as a STEM mentor to middle school students in the LPA STEM and Buds chapter.

“I want to inspire young girls of color and help grow their enthusiasm for STEM. The effort to mend the gender and diversity gap begins with seeing someone who looks like you be successful and break boundaries in STEM” wrote Coupet in her application essay. These words stood out to co-founder Summer Barnes who says “Coupet was more than qualified to receive the scholarship. Not only does she have outstanding grades and a demonstrated passion and drive for her area of educational focus, but she is well rounded as well. Ms. Coupet has over 100 volunteer hours, has overcome personal adversity, and recognizes the importance of being a positive influence for other young women of color.”

In addition to the monetary award, Coupet and future scholarship recipients will receive the opportunity for mentorship. For more information about the scholarship or to donate to next year’s scholarship, please visit

By ML Staff. Images courtesy of Made By Skillz


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