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Impossibly Soft Comfort at Home: Bamboo Bathrobe by Cariloha

Bathrobes are one of those items that everyone should have, but not many people think about buying for themselves. They’re often associated with posh hotels and luxury spas, but the Bamboo Bathrobe from Cariloha is right at home in your own bathroom. In fact, it brings that pampered spa feeling to every morning.

The Bamboo Bathrobe uses a dual layer construction, with a different material on the inside and outside. It’s a seamless combination, and the color matching and construction make this just two sides of a single fabric.

This little trick helps Cariloha’s robe be impossibly soft on the outside while still moisture absorbing on the inside. The exterior is a micro-polyester blend and begs to be touched—you’ll catch yourself running your hand along the sleeves just for the sensation. It’s more often found on blankets or pillows, but is right at home in this robe.

The interior, meanwhile, is made of a bamboo viscose material—a Cariloha trademark. It’s slightly less soft than the impossibly soft exterior, but it's still a big jump above the typical terry cloth towel or robe that you’re used to. What it sacrifices in a little bit of softness, it gains in spades from its water absorbing properties. This is the material that has to do all the work, after all! It manages to soak up the water from your body without getting flat or soggy.

Cariloha insists that the bamboo interior material “is naturally moisture wicking and features odor, allergy-resistant properties.” This is hugely important with robes, which are key culprits in the hunt for that smell in your bathroom and towels.

This is no silk robe, it’s meant to be thrown on after the shower or bath to keep you warm and dry. If you’re experience is anything like mine, you’ll find yourself delaying getting dressed until the last possible moment—I now drink my morning coffee strictly in my robe!

The thick belt keeps the robe where it’s supposed to be with a single twist, and the large front pockets are perfect for your cell phone—don’t pretend like you don’t check your phone after you get out of the shower! When you finally succumb to your adult responsibilities and put on some pants, a thick loop at the neck makes it easy to hang up your morning gown.

The Bamboo Bathrobe is unisex and comes in white or a dark gray graphite, two pretty classic colors that should complement most bathroom decors. I’m 5’10”, 170lbs and the S/M unisex size fits well without any extra space. The sleeves hang high on the wrist, which is kind of nice after you get out of the shower and are brushing your teeth, splashing your hands in the sink, or making your coffee. The sleeves stay out of your way and don’t require any rolling. However, if you’re any taller, I’d recommend switching to the larger size.

It’s a tough world out there, and we all deserve a little luxury in the morning. Wrap yourself in an impossibly soft, full-body hug to start off each and every day with Cariloha’s Bamboo Bathrobe.

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Story by Thomas Bender


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