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Iconic Furniture Designs from Hermès

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Metiers Chair

Chair in Canaletto walnut frame and base with back and seat in smooth taurillon leather. Made in Italy. Measures 23.6” long x 21.7” high x 32.9” deep. $6,650

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Les Necessaires d’Hermes Satellite Table

Medium version coffee table. Tabletop in ivory onyx and base in Canaletto walnut with brushed stainless-steel finishings. Ivory onyx is an exceptional material. Each sheet reveals a unique vein, tinted with ivory shades, which makes each table one of a kind. Tabletop also available in Port Laurent marble or Velluto onyx. Measures 35.4” diameter x 14” high. $14,400

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Hippodrome d’Hermes Coffee Table

Coffee table in wood and leather. Structure in solid oak, tabletop in oak veneer and lower shelf covered in smoothed and burnished bridle leather. The table is weighted for more stability. Made in Italy Measures 70.9” long x 27.6” wide x 15” high. $19,300

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Les Necessaires d’Hermes Long Bench

“Cheval d’arcons” bench with drawers. Wooden frame clad in “Tresses” fabric. Oak legs, drawers and casing with brushed stainless steel finishings. Main drawers, side, bottom and seat upholstered in taurillon H leather. Can be used for storage or as an occasional work surface. Made in France Measures 64.4” long x 17.3” high x 18.1” deep. $16,500

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Reeditions J.-M. Frank par Hermes Wrought Iron Bench

Bench with wrought-iron structure. Seat, back and armrests in natural bridle leather. Limited Edition. Measures 47.2” x 34.5” x 23.3” Made in France. $40,100


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