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How to Use Wall Art to Enhance Your Living Room Setup 

Updated: Feb 26

Your living room is the main space in your house that mirrors your identity and serves as a visual storyteller reflecting your passion and creativity towards interior designing.

Simple additions like decals and wall hangings can transform a bland looking wall into a space with personality and a warm cosmopolitan appearance. Here are some imaginative ways on how to go about it.

Add floating shelves

The best way to show off your prized collection of books,wall art, plants and ornamental items is by installing floating shelves. 

Apart from providing additional storage,these floating shelves give you an opportunity to express your personality through the items you have so thoughtfully placed on them.

You can browse galleries on sites like Desenio to see various prints, wall art and canvases to adorn backdrops for these shelves. 

Install ornate mirrors

A mirror can not only make your living area look enlarged,but also adds a lot of elegance and sophistication to the space 

By selecting an ornamental mirror with an eye-catching frame and placing it strategically to reflect outside light,you can easily make your living room appear much brighter.

Create a gallery wall

Inspired artwork gives a creative texture and adds drama and visual impact to any bare space. You can arrange a meandering photo gallery wall in a large expanse in your living room,for example above the long sofa or on an accent wall behind the table.

Photo walls are also ideal for the empty wall areas along hallways and staircases. It may take some time to find the right arrangement,but once done these simple tricks will add warmth and color to any living room.

Botanical prints

Art which features flora and fauna,not only infuses greenery but reflects your love for nature as well. Botanical prints also give a light feel to your living room.

The type of plant should be chosen as per the mood you are looking for,like for example palms will give a tropical feel. You can install real planters on the floor to add a vibe to the living space.

Use string art

String art is finding its way back to the living room in a big way and that is something very good.These intricately designed strings can add beauty and symmetry to an otherwise bland and bare living room wall space.

The carefully designed strings with its intricate details are bound to vow your guests once they gaze upon these works of art.

Canvas art

If you are looking for something special, framed canvas art with a fun color palette will set off your decor in a magical way. A large scale canvas hanging above the coffee table can transform a bare room into a modern living space.

Using canvas art you can also decorate your wall in a flash.This is a popular medium which is easy to paint on and you can choose a subject and color to fit your personality.

Bring wildlife into your home

If you love wild animals,show your adoration for them by bringing them inside your living room.Use framed images of the animals you love or have photographed and find a space for them on the wall as animals can bring out the best in humans.

Go for pictures that show scenes of animals in their natural habitat and roaming peacefully in order to boost the serotonin levels that boost vibes to your living room walls.

Turn to the sky

A photograph of things in the sky,be it a rising sun or a cluster of clouds can look like a window and make your space like an open-air retreat.

Having a framed canvas of a plane or a destination of your choice on an empty wall will be sure to make for an inspiring living wall design.

By ML staff. Images courtesy of Desenio.


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